I wouldn’t say that it’s going to be a thing or something epic, however, it’ll be very interesting. The Windows 10 S operating system announced last May now is available for all users absolutely free. It is interestingly a rare occasion when the global software and therefore the lion’s share of portable devices are to be adapted specially to the education system and not conversely as the education system had to be adapted to the software and devices. As stated, the new operating system is intended not for developers (I don’t mean the developers that will create the apps for Windows 10 S), not for gamers, not for business, etc. but only for the school kids and students.

S in Windows 10S stands for Streamlined.

Now it’s time to test the applications and we have at least three questions.

  1. How many there are already?
  2. What will be intended for?
  3. What results we will receive over time?

I think we’re getting very close to finding it out. All we know at this point is that there will be several new educational features on the Edge browser and general Microsoft apps like Office 365. But is it enough? No, absolutely not. Otherwise, the attempts of Microsoft to create something innovative for the education system would be absolutely meaningless.

This new operating system is available in ISO format. To start the tests the Microsoft Developer Network subscribers have to download and install it (is not available for everyone at the moment). It’s very standard procedure. After that, they will be able to track the integration of Windows 10 S into the education centers (schools, colleges, universities, private education agencies, etc.) In the meantime, everything depends on the app developers. The world education system now is in need of new ideas and new methodology. If they will be really great, then there is no doubt that after a while will start the software reform in the education system.

Antique books, diploma with laptop on desk

A second possible scenario would be that Windows 10 S just will be like TV parental control. It means that the school kids and students will be able only to install on their devices the applications from Windows Store. Not less, not more. Well, we must acknowledge that it’s very easy and very effective way to protect the children and mainly the teenagers from any internet dangers. So, I can say that regardless of whether the new operating system will be something really extraordinary as the educational software, it found its niche and did it good enough in any case.

Well, the Windows 10 S theory seems very good (although we all understand that there will bound to be the many releases to finalize something) and now we just need to know what we’ll receive in fact.

The official public release of Windows 10 S is now available for downloading by all users and moreover the biggest Microsoft partners like Acer and HP offer already produced the new laptops with this operating system installed by default. In addition, coming up the new educational modifications with 10 S from Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Samsung and Toshiba that will have the budget price (below 200 dollars).


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