Why Ruby on Rails is a Good Choice?

Written in Ruby under the MIT license, Ruby on Rails is a web application framework and has undergone quite a growth since its foundation in 2005. Rails work on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure, which provides a default structure for web pages and a database.

Several top known web applications like Github, Airbnb, Basecamp, Slideshare, etc, are the results of Ruby on Rails development. Plus getting started with Ruby on Rails is very easy and doesn't have any hassle at all. Every software development company has at least a prospectus dedicated to Ruby & Ruby on Rails.

However, as every technology faces challenges over time, Ruby on Rails is among one of the firsts in its field and has been facing some intense criticism and competition by newer technologies in the past few years. As a result, many modern-day developers are doubting its utility in the future. Hence, it becomes an important question whether to use it for your next website development?

Well, we have many leading examples like Github and Airbnb that are using Ruby on Rails on a regular basis.

Why Ruby on Rails is Good Choice in 2024? an illustration

But of course, the above points do not clearly justify whether selecting Ruby on Rails from the available technologies is a good choice for your project or not, so here we have explained why Ruby on Rails is still a good choice in 2024.

Accelerated development with optimized cost

Ruby on Rails has a wide range of gems (libraries) and was introduced with a new software development pattern namely, Convention over Configuration. This facilitates the coders by eliminating the need to write boilerplates. Other than this, Rails popularized the use of MVC (Model View Controller) structure and effective techniques like the DRY principle. The above development paradigm optimizes maximum code productivity as the programmer gets ready-made version of many things and can focus on genuine programming section rather than expending time on writing lines of code. Thus, Ruby on Rails is a wise choice while working on a tight budget with short deadlines.

Viable choice for start-ups and demonstrating proof of concept

Programming a certain application on Ruby on Rails reduces the programming time by almost 30-40% which is no doubt a great advantage for start-ups and likewise if you need to convey proof of concept solutions in a short duration then it works pretty effectively as a prototyping tool. Therefore, it is quite beneficial for large-scale projects and being an open source is preferred as a smart option by start-ups.

Merits in e-Commerce domain

With the day-by-day increasing market of e-Commerce websites, cost-effective nature and extensive RubyGems library of Ruby on Rails makes it a widely used development framework. The highly simplistic and easy to understand programming language makes the entire design process pretty straightforward which helps the Ruby developers to speed up their working and launch comprehensive websites with efficient features. Additional to this, an e-Commerce website requires availability of all tool packages within the framework which is a specialty of Ruby. Solidus, Sharetribe, Ror-e, etc, are some of the popular tools used to integrate an e-Commerce website with CMS, etc.

Additional security measures

Ruby on Rails is equipped with intimidating tools to develop websites with built-in security against different types of attacks including XSS, SQL Injection, CSRF, etc. Besides, the environment is regularly updated with new security patches making one of the most secure development platforms. This is of crucial importance for e-commerce websites which witnesses significant number of transactions on a daily basis.

Active and effective community support

An important check point for any development framework is the supporting development community. The Rails programming community focuses on keeping themselves updated and their work clean & simplistic. Having such a large and widely supported community allows the users to find quick solutions to any bug or problem they might be facing. In addition to this, the community comes up with numerous gems which you can merge with your application.

Constant evolution

Ruby on Rails has witnessed a steady advancement instead of a rapid one which is considered one of the best traits of any tech in the coding world, yet it is facing some performance issues due to some of its key characteristics. Nevertheless, with the upcoming release of Ruby 3 in late 2024, more effective and fastened processing of Ruby is expected.

Expert certification of Rails programmer

It is a proven fact that programming with Ruby on Rails requires a great deal of expertise. Hence, it is rarely the first working platform for any beginner coder. No doubt, there are exceptions in every field but here it is established that a ROR developer works with the best coding practices and programming methodology.

Why Ruby on Rails is falling behind the track?

Evident from the above points, Ruby on Rails is still a widely accepted solution, yet it is facing a decrease in its popularity which cannot be ignored. Some plausible reasons for this can be the fact that many Ruby Gems are already in place so there’s no need to create new ones. Also, numerous new languages and frameworks have invaded the market which centrally address a particular application and thus creates high competition to Ruby. For instance, new algorithms involve extensive use of Machine Learning libraries and AI techniques, competing with which is a difficult task for Ruby. All in all, Ruby does not provide a complete package to address all problems in the present scenario.

Points to keep in mind while choosing Ruby

The following three key factors are a must to keep in mind while choosing a Company for Ruby on Rails:

  • Established Track Record
  • Suitable Location
  • Expected Cost


Concluding the above, if you wish to step into programming, you will definitely witness how running the application and developing it can be sped up with Ruby & specially Ruby on Rails. Ruby, being an open-source object-oriented programming language, can provide you with the essence of Rapid Application Development (RAD) which will obviously rank you up in the web development arena in 2024.

In addition to this, you get to learn both front end and back end development side by side. As for a start-up or enterprise, we have already discussed how Ruby on Rails can help you furnish an efficient website by improving performance under given time and budget. That's why, regardless of all the criticism, we still recommend Ruby on Rails as an outstanding framework for 2024.

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