What is a Daily Affirmation?

Affirmations are statements that reinforce the reality we wish to bring into existence.  Conscious repetition strengthens the neurological pathways in our mind which focuses our inner energy towards a specific manifested desire.  Daily affirmations are used in the purification of our intentions.  We must make a constant effort to focus our mind on the situation we wish to bring into existence and this requires a great deal of discipline and perseverance.  When all worries are eliminated from our mind, all tension and stress is removed and replaced by a constant feeling of ,”I am the supreme”, we reach a frame of mind where our intentions are easily manifested.

Before implementing daily affirmations we should first understand the cause of failure and disappointment that stops us from accomplishing what we desire in our life.  To achieve your goals and to channel your affirmations in a desired direction it is essential to get rid of two things: Ego and Hope. Ego is a shadow of our past achievements, it is a shadow of moments which are now dead, we see great actors, sportsmen and achievers going down with their performances and vanishing from the mediaís attention, because after achieving success they do not think of maintaining it, they live in the shadow of their past, their achievement exist only with reference to dead moments of past, they do not understand that they have to come out of this shadow and focus on the present. Hope on the other hand exists with reference to unborn moments of life, where events have not yet manifested and  we possess a great deal of uncertainty in regards to our ability to make our desires a reality.

With the help of daily affirmations we come closer to the divine presence and we minimize the effects of ego and hope.  From this place we will focus on the present and embrace our god given right to achieve what we desire.  Therefore, in order to offer our best to the present moment we need to overcome negative thoughts and develop a positive inner attitude using affirmations.

So, you must be thinking how affirmations work? Well, my dear friend Where there is a will, there is a way. Vince Lombardi, one of football’s greatest coaches always said, “Nothing can stop the perfectly disciplined will.” How true. Statements such as “I am” for example are very powerful and fixing your desire to such statements and believing in it will show you the way to achieve it.  It is important to believe in your affirmations, the more you believe the easier it becomes to manifest. Live your present believing that you have already achieved what you desire, not hoping but believing. Total dedication to the thought is essential to achieve the objective.

We write our own destiny, we become what we do and we do what we think, so think of what you want to do and write your destiny.

5 Ways to Stay Focussed with Daily Affirmations

Keep your affirmations short

From my personal experience and experiments with “The law of attraction” and “Intention manifestation”, I have realized that the shorter the affirmation is, the easier it is to focus. When I initially started using affirmations, the first thing that I focused on was a salary increase. I used to keep on repeating, In a relaxed, healthy and positive way I intend a good salary increase for myself within three months of time. I kept on repeating this statement with no effect for 2 months and then I lost faith in it, I then analyzed and realized that I am not comfortable with the statement and I changed it to 2-3 shorter statements like

  1. I am attracting a lot of money in my life
  2. Money is flowing into my life
  3. I am rich

I realized that these statements gave me confidence and I could feel positive vibes within myself and when I actually started getting better opportunities I could not believe that my life was actually changing.

Meditate on your affirmations

The best time is before going to bed at night and early morning, the first thing after you wake up. The idea is that you should have only your affirmations in mind and nothing else. If you find it difficult to meditate you can maintain a journal and write down your affirmations everyday. If you opt for meditation, do it in a position that is most comfortable to you. You can lie down, sit and walk which ever way you are comfortable.

Live your affirmations

You are not on the right track if you donít feel your affirmations. Once you have developed faith in your affirmation you will see a positive change in your attitude, maintain it. If your affirmations focus on weight loss you will feel very light and active. I was suffering from severe back pain and I started telling myself ìMy back is the strongest part of my bodyî; ìI can feel my back has healedî. Not only did my posture improve, the pain vanished within a few days. The pain does surface at times but my affirmations do not allow it to remain long. Let me tell you, I suffered for 3 years because of this pain and the doctors told me that all was fine as the x-ray reports were fine, but with affirmations within a week my back was cured without medicine.

Count your blessings

Look at the positive side of your life, see what you have gained and not what you have lost in life, thank god for all that you have in life. If you gift something to your child and he just throws it away and says that he doesnít like it, how will you feel? Same way by not acknowledging what we have in life and constantly demanding, we disappoint god. I would also like to tell you that affirmations are not demands; affirmations are declarations to the universe as to what should happen next in your life, a tool to create your destiny. God has given us the power to have whatever we want, but after achieving what you desired you must thank him.

Develop a positive attitude in life

Read good books, watch good films, interact with good people (who transmit good vibes), listen to good music, appreciate others and their work, forgive all those who have hurt you, not forgiving is punishing yourself because the feeling of hatred always cultivates negative feelings. Read more and more about people who are living a life that you desire. A positive attitude brings positive vibes in your life that strengthens your affirmations.

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