In the context of intensive digitization, more and more people are looking for easy ways to make money online. The secret lies in many factors, such as the dedication of the person interested in earning money online, the method used, the time invested, but also the potential for hourly, daily, weekly or monthly gains.

If you’re wondering what the best ways to make money online are, the specialists who set up the share a series of insights. More specifically, it’s a top 5 of the best ways to make money on the Internet, presented below.

The top score was obtained by applying a score calculated by specialists based on three criteria: the level of difficulty, the user’s commitment (meaning time) and the potential gains that can be obtained.

1. Make money through binary options

This option has the highest score, the potential earnings (per hour) being around 50 dollars. The term binary option signifies the existence of two possible outcomes. Unlike trading on the stock exchange, trading binary option refer to the value of an asset and its ascending or descending evolution over a specified period. Of all the ways to make money online, it manages to generate very high incomes in very short period of time.

2. You can earn money by participating in paid online surveys

Low difficulty, medium level engagement as time invested and average potential earnings (compared to other online money making methods) – these are the features of the online cash making way by participating in paid surveys. Even if some may be reluctant to have these earnings valid, or do not trust the providers of the studies, they can reach average gains of 10 dollars/hour. The reluctance mentioned above is due to companies that offer paid opinion polls. These companies are very different, and unknowing users can lose their time on random sites. To avoid this shortcoming, some platforms also offer a list of the best sites that offer paid surveys, ordered by ease of completion, the frequency of questionnaires and the amounts paid after completing them.

3. Affiliate marketing

This way to make money online has become very popular as it is a win-win opportunity for online users, also bringing benefits to companies that manage to attract more customers through affiliate marketing. The difficulty of this method is higher than those above, and commitment to time and potential earnings are at the medium. Potential hourly gain is estimated at 2 dollars.

However, some people manage to earn over $ 5,000 a month from this activity or others who have won hundreds of thousands of dollars using this method of making money online. More details about affiliate marketing as a winning strategy are provided here.

4. YouTube

In this case, the potential payment per hour is relatively low – 1 dollar, and the commitment as time and difficulty is quite high. The method involves signing up for YouTube as a partner, followed by video creation. The principle is simple: these videos can start generating money if they get a good number of views.

5. Earn money on Facebook

Although the joke circulates that to make money on Facebook – you’ll have to not use it at all and start working with a real job; the real situation says something else. You can earn on Facebook, although for some potential earnings of 1 dollar per hour may seem quite low. The commitment as invested time is quite high, but the degree of difficulty is lower than with other methods. The principle is also a simple one, based on the number of ads and banners that you post on the Facebook page.

Extensive or not, using either of these methods, you can achieve significant and massive gains. It all depends on the dedication and involvement of the user, even on those methods that do not involve a considerable effort, and which then generate passive income. Otherwise, there are many mirages about fast internet enrichment, but they are just mirages. You have to be open to many possibilities in order to get the most of your online presence. However, the online business remains one of the comfortable ways of generating an income on the long term.


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