India is riding big on the e-commerce industry. From a dull non-tech nation to the hub of most sensational start-ups, India has finally figured the best use of INTERNET, which is about “selling happiness”. Everything you can expect is now available online to be sold, rent or tried. Successful e-commerce companies appear in no mood of stopping in the revenue. They are continuously playing with offers and exclusive deals. New products are being launched and the older ones are exchanged as well. E-commerce sites are applying all the efforts they can. There are more offers & deals being used by customers across the country than you’ll ever think of. But still Indians are way behind in online shopping to the developed countries, and even China. The main reason to that is the unawareness. In this plethora of deals and offers that e-commerce companies are offering – one finds extremely lost to find the best offers relevant to a product. Surprising deals get away after time by time and not a lot of people get profited by those. At this point of confusion, coupon collection websites and apps come great. By gathering & categorizing the offers & coupons, they do not just help spending lesser money from your pocket but also manage to save an insane amount of time while hunting down the deals. is one such coupon portal that has primary focus on easiest ways to save money in shopping needs. VoucherCodes is an online venture of Singapore-based Shoogloo’s. Shoogloo Group operates their services in 20 countries across the globe and with they are targeting the Indian users looking for coupons and offers. Now that VoucherCodes is more of a part of a bigger firm, it’s supposed to last longer and do better than other competitors are doing.

What good is VoucherCodes for?

voucher codes the best homepage concept

First, VoucherCodes is not an e-commerce website – it’s simply a hub of coupons and offers from India’s online retail market. Most importantly, the team behind the portal is dedicated to bring the more out of it. Second, it’s one of the most updated coupon portal in the country. Powered by an innovative design and featured customer area, VoucherCodes never fails to surprise a coupon seeker. From Amazon & Flipkart like giants to FirstCry like infant stores – it covers all. Peachmode Coupons or Koovs Coupon Codes, you just name them and they have covered all in this gigantic website. According to their official data, VoucherCodes has around — coupons indexed from — shopping portals.

About VoucherCodes


“We spoil our customers by giving them varied discount coupons and choices in their shopping experience, by leveraging our relationship with merchants. … We are redefining how traditional small businesses attract, sustain and interact with consumers by offering merchants with a suite of products and services, inculcating customizable deal in order to operate more effectively.

Designed commercially as a free gateway to online retail market in India, VoucherCodes plays its part well. The responsive layout of the portal allows users to get access to the website easily on any platform they want. The innovative user accounts pages save your selected coupons & favorite shops after logging into the website. You can also collaborate new coupons with the website.
Be sure to check out VoucherCodes and let me know how that site does for you.

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What's good?
Great homepage design
Variety of store options
Members Area
What's not?
Lack of mobile apps
Heavy template

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