The Rise Of Vaping: How Digital Marketing aided to the trend?

It’s astonishing to think that just ten short years ago it would be incredibly rare to see individuals vaping on the streets. Nowadays, it’s hit the mainstream and the industry as a whole looks set to continue its worldwide rise. But how exactly did vaping hit the mainstream? This article examines the way in which digital marketing helped the trend develop, giving consumers the confidence and curiosity to try these new devices out themselves.


Tracking back to the early 2010s, you might remember seeing a few shops selling e-cigarettes. It wasn’t yet an industry big enough to host designated shops in city centers selling only e-cig devices and juices – now, you’ll be virtually tripping over these places.

Blucig ecigarette
Ecig ads are not volatile

Digital marketing helped to build the exposure necessary to get people interested in vapes.

Marketing helped bring this trend from the periphery of public life towards the center. Digital marketing achieved that in a number of ways, which are examined below.

Product Placement

In the period of the early 2010s you begin to see celebrities with vapes. Music videos, Instagram posts and Facebook feeds would slowly feature these devices in the hands of influential individuals. Of course, this is your classic product placement – but through digital means. As the world becomes more digitized and people consume more media on their smartphones and tablets, product placement is leaving the realm of cinema and magazines and is increasingly found in the online space.

Innovation and Development

There’s always been a ‘techy’ edge to vaping that was first attractive to those with some technical know-how and a fascination for how machines work. The digital marketing side of the growing trend harnessed this glitzy, gizmo feel and ran with it – showcasing the sleek designs and incredible research that’s gone into the devices we know and love today.

In this sense, the digital marketing of juices has also been a major boom for the industry as a whole. You need only look on sites such as NJOY to see how e-liquids are nowadays presented in all their variety and colorfulness to vapers eager to try the next big thing from the labs of some of the most exciting flavor-developing companies in the world.

Targeted Advertising

Finally, the rise of targeted advertising in the last five years has been of value to the e-cig market, which has been able to isolate a number of key personality traits or interests that are usually shared by target consumers that may be interested in buying more interesting vaping products and more exciting juices.

In general, the average vaper in the past has been a young trend-setting professional looking to live a millennial lifestyle in urban centers. They’re smart, engaged and on all social media channels. By bearing these profiles in mind, digital marketing has helped grow the vaping revolution across the world.

There is no doubt that the impressive rise of the e-cig market has been greatly helped by digital marketing, in the smart and incisive ways detailed above.

Gaurav Tiwari

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