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Why you should be using Wix Stores to create your Online Store?

How long have you been carrying the idea of selling some products or services online? Many individuals, professionals and business owners carry such ideas in their mind without ever putting those ideas into action. Creating a full-fledged online store means hiring the services of a professional web designing agency, spending lots of money and time, and maintaining an expensive website. That has been the perception for long, which prevents many of those creative and potentially big ideas from transforming into reality. This is where you should consider using Wix Stores. It is so simple to use it and create your own online store that you can do it yourself without any professional help.


Wix Stores are easy to use, affordable and even the long-term maintenance of your site is affordable. You will not have to pay any commission to Wix for any of your sales. Besides, this is your one-stop web creation and hosting solution.

Create a Unique Website

When it comes to building your online presence, you cannot compromise on uniqueness. And there is no difference between using Wix Stores’ templates and having your website designed by a web designer.


  • Beautiful Templates: Wix offers hundreds of beautiful templates to choose from. Choose a template based on your industry/niche. There are different set of templates for each category, with each category having dozens of unique templates – Fashion/clothing, Jewelry/Accessories, Arts/Crafts, Health/Beauty, Home/Décor, Food/Drinks, Kids/Babies, and Sports/Outdoors. All the templates have been professionally designed.


  • Edit & Design: Once you have chosen the template for your online store’s layout and design, you can customize it to any level. Wix Editor is a drag-and-drop-based editor that allows you to add, remove, or change all the different elements. No matter how many products you have or how many pages you need, you can easily create a full-fledged e-commerce store without having to hire the services of an agency.
  • Mobile Optimized Templates: Today, more online shoppers search for products on their mobile devices than on desktops. So make sure your online store renders efficiently on any mobile device. Wix Stores offers mobile-optimized templates to help ensure this aspect. You will not have to do anything additionally because your store will be automatically mobile optimized.

When you create an online store, the emphasis will be on creating attention-grabbing product galleries. This Website Builder provides you so many options for creating beautiful galleries to display your products in the best-possible way. You can also create individual pages for each product, so that when someone clicks on your product they are taken to its dedicated page that provides detailed information.

Create Custom Product Galleries


Wix Stores provide you with so many features to create a custom product gallery specific to your category and your goals:

  • Set unique visual features for different products like color and size.
  • Add detailed descriptions and multiple, high-resolution photos to showcase your products.
  • Provide information like ‘limited stock’ or ‘sale’ against each product. Let your customers easily find the best offers.
  • Send out ‘thank you’ messages to customers once they have placed an order.

Simple & Flawless Checkout Process

With Wix Stores, you will get all the back-end features and functionalities required to succeed with an online store.

  • Quick & Secure Payment Processes: Let your customers know that their financial details are fully secure when paying you for their orders. Let them pay through credit cards, PayPal or any other payment method that is popular in the targeted region.
  • Easier Management of Shipping & Tax: You can not only set the rules for shipping and tax, you can also change the prices from time to time.
  • Easily Accessible Shopping Cart: Let the shopping cart icon be visible everywhere on your website so that a shopper can instantly reach the cart to finalize the purchase process.
  • Order Confirmation: Wix Stores will instantly notify you via email about order confirmation. The buyer will also get a confirmation the moment they place the order.

Easy Store Management

Once you have created and setup your online store, the real work of managing your orders and your online store will begin.

  • Track Orders: Each order can be viewed from within the Store Manager. Always stay on top of all the orders and shipments.
  • Inventory Management: The Store Manager allows you to keep track of different aspects of your inventory. It will let you know the status of even the different sizes and colors of each item.


  • Newsletters: Wix provides you the ShoutOut app to ensure that you keep in touch with your customers and subscribers. Let them know about all your latest offers and events to boost your sales.

Wix Stores offers you everything you need to start selling your products and managing your online store. It is easy to use and anyone with basic IT skills can create their own online store. Besides, the Wix App Market offers many apps to further enhance the functionality of your store.

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