3 Key Trends in Website Building to Boost Conversion by 6X

Welcome 2024. 2023 was great, but now is the time to take your website to a new height. If you are planning to build a website for your company, one thing you should know is that while you may study how to build a website, it is not easy at all.

Professionals take the time to design you a beautiful website and even to help you with how you can better market your products or services. Web Designers, for example, even offer a design course to help you update new information on your site.

To make your website stand out, you must follow some of the popular trends for 2024. There are many options, but if you want to get ahead of the competition, check out the three listed below.



It cannot be denied that in this day and age, everyone seems to be in a hurry, and people want everything given right away. They like instant food, instant service, etc. So how can you translate that into your website?

If you are aiming to present a lot of points or ideas to your website visitors and potential customers, instead of using so many words, you can use animations instead. This way, even complex ideas can be simplified, and at the same time, it can entertain your potential customers while still informing them of important information.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly

This is one thing you need to ensure that your website will have. That is because, in recent surveys and statistics, mobile users have already exceeded desktop users. One report says that the percentage is already at 60% in the US.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, there is a possibility that you will have not only high bounce rates but also lower conversion rates.

If your potential customers cannot see your website properly, they will just leave right away and look for a site that will be more user-friendly. And having a mobile responsive website instead of a separate desktop site and mobile site is more cost effective and will save you more money and time.

The other thing is, if you look into the trend of desktop vs mobile users, the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly. And so, like we focus on desktop user content, similarly, we must focus on the mobile user as well.


Scrolling website

Scrolling website

A scrolling website, or the parallax effect has been around for years, but it is still popular and has even found more popularity after mobile responsive sites rose in number. A scrolling website is when the background of the page is moving at a slower rate than the foreground. Some of its benefits are that your site will load faster, making it user-friendly to your site visitors, and it is a great design to use because it encourages interaction with the visitors.

And what is next?

These were the top 3 trends in building a nice and professional website for the business. From all perspectives, it should be optimized so that the response time will be less.

For example, you should optimize images before using them so that they will take less time to load and use the proper stylesheet and JavaScript files to maintain the loading time. What do you do to make a stunning and optimized site?