Gaining a substantial Page Rank for new websites is a real discomfort. Even if your site has healthier content, it takes years to increase the PR counter from zero to one or more than that. Uninterruptedly writing content on your site and keeping it valuable for internet will certainly make the Page Rank up. The same can be done by do follow back-linking techniques, which are without any doubt another annoyance. Searching ‘how to increase your page rank’, ‘boost your Page Rank’, ‘Page Rank tricks’ yields very valuable plus junk methods to enhance your site’s Page Rank. I admire the fact that these things really do work. In fact, I have been doing the same for last one year and it helped. In the subsequent article, I am attempting to articulate a method by which your blog / website’s Page Rank can be boosted at once. PR of your blog / website may reach to a value you never thought of. Believe it or not, but even your newly purchased domain can achieve a PR-8 in a few months.

Before you read this article further, make sure you are aware of URL redirection methods and also know what actually the Google Page Rank is? Next to it, the process is very simple and can be done without any exchange of code or money.

Do this

Install WordPress or any other CMS on your domain. Write one or two simple posts and properly submit it to Google index. When the dates of next Page Rank updates are about to arrive, go to your domain’s control panel and do a ‘301-redirect’ (also called permanent redirect ) of your domain ( I highly recommend a newly purchased domain to avoid loss of visitors) to a site with greater Page Rank.

Permanent (301) redirect

The above images shows permanent (301) redirect in GoDaddy hosting control panel. Every domain host provides easy domain forwarding facility like GoDaddy:

domain forwarding in godaddy

This should be done a few weeks or two-three months before the Google Page Rank update is scheduled. Keep the “301-redirection” until Google Page Rank is updated for all sites.  After the update you’ll find that your domain has a PR equaling to the PR of the site it was redirected. For example – redirecting your domain to will make the PR 8 or equal to’s Page Rank , if its PR changes.

After this you may remove the redirection and start commercializing your domain and content.

My experience?

In September 2013, I purchased a hosting plan on GoDaddy to host this blog on WordPress. GoDaddy, then offered me a free domain Initially I created a WordPress blog on it. Wrote a few photo posts. But due to lack of time, I wasn’t finding me able to maintain both domains, and this one ( So, I did a ‘301-redirect’ from to in November. When there was a Page Rank update in December 2013, I recognized that the PR of had increased from zero to four (4). At first sight, I thought that it was some algorithmic mistake by Google and could be undone soon. But, as time passed, I had to believe that had Page Rank 4, equal to my default blog. has taken over 3 years to reach this level with 200+ valuable posts and hard-coded SEO. On the other hand, reached this milestone in just three months (Oct-Nov-Dec) with one or two posts to count.

It’s true that it’s hard to keep consistency of PR gained like this, but it is a worth try.


Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and even point out mistakes. Great conversations start with just a single word. How to write better comments?
  1. Aha! That is a good trick. But for the verification of my own, I’ll have to wait for next Google Page Rank update. 🙂 Thanks for suggesting this free and hopeful trick.

  2. good trick, wish no one use it for selling fake page ranked domains 🙂
    Comment edited, due to violation of our commenting policy

  3. Can I do the 301s within wordpress? I am using fasthosts and there is no section to 301 the whole domain, even on the domain panel which is with domain monster.

  4. Hey gaurav ,i recently purchased my domain name from GoDaddy before this site is running on free Blog spot platform.May these trick work for me or not,i am not sure.If any extra work have to do then tell me.
    Thanks again for sharing such great article with us.

  5. Hi Gaurav,
    What happens when you remove the redirect from to Does still maintain a PageRank of 4? I suspect it wouldnt.

      1. Well after a little bit of research it turns out what you are talking about is quite well known in the SEO community. There are lots of fake Page Rank websites for sale that have used the trick you are describing. The problem is that this is penalized by google and easily detected. Your website “” actually showed up as fake by several Fake Page Rank detectors. Just do a google search and try some of them. I would not recommend this since it will cause your Page Rank score to eventually fall to 0 once you eliminate the 301 redirect.

      2. You are right. has fake pagerank. But once you get PRX and build a few hundred backlinks, it won’t remain the same (fake).

        PS: You are wrong at the last paragraph. After eliminating redirection, PR will not fall until there is an update available from Google.

  6. Hi. These are great tips. My website is brand new, only a month old, but I will definitely be putting these suggestions into action. In fact I have already done some of them. I am very new to the world of running a website and know very little about SEO but I am actively learning. As yet my site has not been ranked, but I’ve been posting a blog post and/or a new article every few days at least and I’ve had some friends pay the site a visit. Thanks for the advice!

  7. Why would one wish to have a fake Page Rank? Google Page Rank is really a component that determines a websites price. Normally the higher your Page Rank is definitely the more cash you may get for the website or advertising space on your own website. Many webmasters can also be buying Page Rank for his or her website(s).

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