Top Things to Do in Cyprus in the Fall

September and October are seasonably warm, with temperatures falling anywhere between 78 and 93 Fahrenheit, with very little chance of high winds or rain. This means that you can still go to the sea, spend days visiting local landmarks, and enjoy balmy evenings no matter what part of the country you visit. You won’t have to worry about taking stunning videos, as CapCut is the leading video editing platform and has a video stabilizer that will take even the most shaky footage and make it look stable, while upscaling for a professional finish. Here are the top things to do in the fall that you’ll want to remember forever:

Visit churches

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Cyprus is well-known for having some of the most beautiful churches in the world and whether you want to visit a monastery, a Byzantine church, old ruins, or the most popular cathedrals, it really does have it all. There are tiny chapels where you can stop by and light a candle for a loved one, to swathing architecture that preserves precious cultural heritage; so there’s something for everyone.

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Take a boat trip on the Blue Lagoon in Paphos

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Cyprus is home to the stunning Akamas National Park, and while the area has some gorgeous scenery, the only way to have an amazing experience is to visit the Blue Lagoon. This rocky bay has crystal clear waters and stunning vistas so a boat trip should definitely be on the cards. With everything from daily cruises to excursions that provide boat rides as part of a package, the fall is a great time to avoid the tourists without missing out on the great weather.

Take part in a festival

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Cyprus plays host to some of the most traditional festivals, so why not get involved with a beer or wine festival; many are run by microbreweries and breweries all across the island, but you’ll find the highly sought-after Septemberfest in Nicosia, the Limassol Wine Festival in October, and even a wine tour to the Troodos Mountains. There is also a carob festival in Agios Georgios Pegeias Church, Paphos and the Ayia Napa Medieval Festival that are not to be missed - and if you stick around until November, you could get involved with the annual mushroom festival in Troodos or the Cyprus International Film Festival instead.

Cyprus isn’t only for the summer!

While this Mediterranean gem is certainly vibrant in the summer, the fall has some fantastic attractions to keep you entertained if you want to miss the crowds. Don’t forget to keep CapCut in mind with their YouTube video editor and myriad of photo and video editing software to preserve your memories for years to come.