The Power of Thought, Leading the Way Out of the Economic Crisis

Is the current global financial crisis real? Does this mean the decline of services and income opportunities, massive unemployment and shutdowns, and the impossibility of achieving success in every field of dreams? Would the bailout really save the failures and bankruptcies? The answers depend on each and every person’s pattern of thinking.

The crisis is global; it is happening in massive scale and affecting every nation and population. Though the recent US presidential election raised the level of hope especially among American people, the crisis has yet to be resolved. One of the results of the financial crisis is the low amount of money in circulation as a result of bankruptcies or bank failures. People with deposits in these banks were affected as their money fizzled out and remaining assets tremendously depreciated with the economic downturn. Trillions of dollars were lost in just a few days with the stock market crash. The abundance of money seems to be vanishing into thin air.

That was how it was projected and is continuously being projected in all forms of media. The thought forms rapidly gain power, manifest in great strength and cause the destruction of the form. However, many great thinkers believe that this event is meant to happen. Adrian Cooper, author of Our Ultimate Reality, said that these events are an important aspect of the great and ongoing world transition, where the excesses of the dark side of humanity must be processed out of the system. Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum came up with the same analysis saying that we have to pay for the sins of the past, which is greed.

When the desire for success is backed up with an intention of greed, wealth does not serve its purpose. The accumulated wealth for selfish interest quickly burst and often results to the destruction of the personality. Many suicides were committed by the once wealthiest turned penniless. Matthew 16:26 says, “For what good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his soul”.

Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. However great this catastrophe is, it shall come to pass. The mind that is filled with faith, hope, love and wisdom sees these events as great illusion, unreal. In this state of mind, there is only love, abundance and peace. There is no room for war, suffering and poverty. Abundance is eternally present.

If people will think this way, transformation will happen fast. However, since only very few people think this way, only these people achieve abundance and success. Thoughts are things. They have consciousness of their own. If the seed thought is constantly being energized by thinking of or repeating it constantly, the thought grows and manifest in the physical reality. Thoughts are energy and energy follows thoughts. Whatever we think constantly attracts us to the forces, people and circumstances in life associated with the thought. Thinking of the meltdown and fearing its effects would only attract us to the very same fear, suffering and circumstances related to the meltdown.

The crisis presents great lessons to be learned. Napoleon Hill proved that anybody can Grow Rich if the inner self through the mind would only Think. Hill’s masterpiece was published at the end of the Great Depression. Therefore, the book is rich in people’s experiences of overcoming the odds of the Great Depression. The era may be different, but the Great Depression and the current global crisis provide the same learning ground and greater advantages for humanity.

The Universe provides infinite abundance. There is no room for poverty or lack. We have to trust that the Universe will provide accordingly and abundantly. The way we think determines either prosperity or poverty. If we think of so much poverty, say too much of poverty and demonstrate poverty in most of our actions, then we can only attract poverty. However, if even in the midst of a financial challenge, we think positively that money flows abundantly, and that jobs and contracts come in constantly, then the entire Universe conspires with us to achieve our goals.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
– Napoleon Hill

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