Learning how to drive is exciting. Most teens look forward to getting their New Jersey driver’s license, after all! However, learning how to drive can also be a scary experience, both for your child and for you, as a parent.

It will put your mind at ease if you take an active role in your child’s driver’s education, and they will appreciate getting your help. That is, as long as you help your child study to get their driver’s license in a comprehensive, non-threatening way!

It doesn’t matter if your child is confident in their driving abilities or if they are just getting their learner’s permit, there’s a tip on this list that will help you study with your child.

Take a Practice Test Online

No matter what the topic, taking a test can be stressful. Some of what makes it so stressful is the fact that you never really know what to expect when you walk in to take that test. You can make it easier by having your teen take practice tests online.

ePermitTest is the perfect place to take an online test. They offer, “Free NJ DMV practice tests with great pictures of road signs, road situation, questions on right-of-way, and highway driving.” In addition, they “have gone through the driver’s handbook with a very fine shift to make sure you are not wasting your time trying to remember things that won’t be on the test.

Whether your child is a newbie studying to get their permit or they want to pass the driver’s license test with flying colors, an online practice test will undoubtedly help them do that.

Make Flashcards

Practicing online is a great way to get a good feel for what is going to be on the test, but studying once you’ve discovered what’s on the test is important too. That’s where flashcards come in.

Flashcards are a great way to learn. Not only will your child build associations while making the cards, repeated exposure to the information is a great way to commit it to memory.

Create cards that have road signs on one side, and what they mean on the other. Create some with questions on one side and answers on the other. Making cards can be fun if you sit down and help your child make them!

Let Them Get Behind the Wheel

Studying and taking tests are important, but neither of those things are very exciting. The real fun begins for your child when you let them behind the wheel!

Real-world practice is important, but you have to keep them safe. That means choosing the right places for them to practice.

A few places to practice driving include:

  • A large, empty parking lot, like a sports complex when there isn’t a game
  • A community college campus on the weekends or during break
  • An industrial park on the weekends
  • A roundabout that is infrequently used

Sign Them up for a Driver’s Ed Class

A driver’s ed class is an important piece of the puzzle when helping your child get their license. But, did you know you have multiple choices when it comes to types of driver’s education courses?

The most common involves classroom instruction with a driving component. Many high schools offer a course for the convenience of parents and students, but there are also privately-run companies that will teach your child how to drive.

An online course is also an option. It allows students to learn at their own pace without the distraction of a traditional classroom environment. It also enables parents to take a more direct approach to the process. It’s a favorite option among homeschoolers.

Set a Good Example

There are many things you can do to help your child study and practice to get their license, but one of the best remains setting a good example behind the wheel.

Parents are important role models, and they continue to be important role models behind the wheel. Follow the rules of the road, keep your road rage in check, and talk about what you’re doing while you’re driving. Make sure that the behavior your child emulates behind the wheel is a good behavior that makes you proud.

A few tests your child will take have as big of an impact on their life as the driver’s test. Few tests have as big of an impact on their safety as well. Make sure they are well prepared to pass the test and sit confidently behind the wheel with these tips.


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