Without basic operations of counting, like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, it is not possible to imagine math problems. Counting is the base of human life. A student, whether he’s a math major or not, must be good at counting numbers.  The counting ability builds from experience and is definitely a time taking process.

  Larger you have given time on counting, better you become. This is why some students have better counting skills than other and this is also, why they are called ‘better students’.

Branifyd : A game for better brains


Screenshot_2014-09-17-08-14-36-300x300Branifyd is a new counting game for Android smartphones, which purely aims to improve counting abilities. It sports variety of math problems ordered randomly among addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Every time you play, a random problem fades in on game screen along with five options. You will have to drag the correct option into the human brain shown in the middle.

User Experience

The user experience was very smooth. Almost three hours and no issues were experienced in gameplay. The design is visually appealing and the game itself is very addicting.

Game on$

Play with numbers : track with graphs

status board$

$ Branifyd collects the data of correct and incorrect answers and represents them visually as weekly graphs on day-to-day base. This means user can track his/her progress daily.

Features as a list

  • Modern and stylish.
  • Smooth User Experience.
  • Gradual increase in problem’s hardness level.
  • New problem almost every time.
  • Graph view to check progress.
  •  Weekly progress report.
  • Tracking of total score and time played.
  • Provides time taken to solve each problem at the end of game.
  • It’s free!

What to add?

The play store description of the game tells that this app is aimed to boost math skills. If the developers want it to be more about math skills than just counting, they should surely add more operations. At least for now, I would love to see mathematical operations like  decimal addition / subtraction / multiplication anddivision.

Branifyd is a recommended game for everyone who think they got problems in fundamental mathematics including kids and even for those who want to test themselves.

Download Branifyd from Play Store


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