We will guide you about how to use WebM to MP4 converter with the use of three types of software. But before that let’s understand the difference between the two formats. WebM is the latest video format that has been developed by Google as an alternative to MP4 format. You will have to install a

As per a survey conducted by Statista, medication reminder apps are one of the 10 most popular health apps used by adult residents of the US. Most of the people who participated in the survey said that they have used some kind of pill reminder app at least once in their lives. The medication reminder

What’s a business without an internet connection in today’s world? Well, we don’t want to answer that question. 99.9% of business enterprises have access to the internet one way or another. Even if they don’t sell their products online, they could be using payment apps that need an internet connection to make the transaction. For

Agile, initially a software development methodology, has come a long way. An Agile process focuses more on people, product functionality, and customer satisfaction rather than on documentation and processes. More businesses and projects in different industries today are either being agile or are already doing agile because Agile projects, it has been established, are 28%

Answer the Call for Code  by building global solutions for disaster preparedness. The Call for Code is one such attempt to curb the impact of natural disasters on human life. Organized by IBM in their attempt to invent solutions for natural disasters is organizing this community competition. It is a global challenge which calls for developers

The word “Anime” is nothing but a Japanese term which means Animation . These animes are characterized as vibrant characters that take you into an imaginary world and are extremely different from that of cartoons. A number of anime such as Pokemon, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Dragon Ball and Yu-Gi-Oh have gained so much global

In the revolutionary world, technology has driven us to a new life. In this new life, we have been gifted a list of gadgets. Among them, the webcam is the trendiest device in the 21st century. With the technological upgradation from the video camera, the webcam is ruling the market. Webcam can be referred to

One rare audio error that users face on YouTube is the YouTube Audio Renderer Error. Audio renderer error is caused when you try watching YouTube videos but due to the lack of proper integration between the Windows Sound Driver Frequencies and the ASIO Driver Frequencies, audio fails to render on browsers. One more reason for

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