We all know how the Internet has evolved to become an integral part of our life. From Tech to Commerce, Web to Education – everything is being handled by digital technologies. New web technologies are being invented to make our daily life smarter, better and more comfortable. From the start, the Internet used to be a place where you could share information among people with complete freedom. But as it evolved, the focus moved to the niches’ that could make human life easier. Shopping, Entertainment & other E-commerce sectors were the main focus as these were profiting consumer based products.

Recently, the Internet has shifted its direction and more focus is being given to service based products. Governments are concentrating on electronics based services, often termed as e-services, to operate with day-to-day needs – including, Travel, Medicine, Education etc.

Internet & Education

tablet learning

YouTube has proven to be an essential catalyst to the progress, which once was covered only with Do It Yourself videos and general education niche, now is dominated by free online classrooms. YouTube has shown how information can be delivered to the remotest parts of the nation, especially in India, at a mere cost of an Internet connection. But YouTube is yet to become the replacement of online classrooms. Most of the videos that are available there are unorganised and scattered. You may or may not find the complete resources – or even can fall prey to wrong information due to unprofessional nature of uploaders. To elucidate such issues there are some free alternatives like Khan Academy, Unacademy, MIT OCW etc. These provide organized lectures by professionals from certain areas for free. Some other sites like Lynda & Udemy offer paid options for learning Technical Skills at nominal costs under the supervision of independent authors. But there again lies the main problem. This isn’t education all about. Firstly, you require help during your classes, you need help clearing your doubts. And also, you will need a certificate or degree to each course you finish – so that it would help you build your career. This is where the problem lies and then comes professional & planned e-learning as the utmost solution.

e-learning is the finest option for Indian people to study from any corner of India without any needs of going to the colleges. With the synergy of live & interactive classroom, e-learning, has become more powerful and is now accessible on a finger-tap with least time deficit. Involvement of Artificial intelligence in education, especially in e-learning, has made learning more personalized, interactive and more qualitative than ever before.

Talentedge: A new approach to e-learning

Talentedge, a popular name in live & interactive digital learning in India, offers digital education programs that have been critically acclaimed and widely used by students from every corner of the country. With attention on providing distance education courses to Indian students at international benchmarks, Talentedge has joined hands with around 70 National & International institutions including IIM, XLRI, JWMI etc. There are more than 250 certification & degree programs (as listed on their website!) to choose from. Developed exclusively for Indian students, these programs are designed with technology tailor-made for Indian students to contend them with the new form of tech they will be using. These programs are powered with Talentedge’s much-admired technologies to provide live and interactive classroom sessions, on-the-go studying, tests, one by one doubt clearances and much more. The learning program is powered with two-way interactive online classrooms where both the students and teachers can see each other. This mimics a one-to-one classroom, where the utmost deliverance is on top.

Virtual classrooms take advantage of two way live and interactive learning technologies which were never possible in regular distance learning programs. These are tailor-made for the needs of students and are developed in such a way that you can join the classroom no-matter where you are. All you now need a working internet connection and a device to stream online. You get the access to your classroom from any corner of the world.

SLIQ, Talentedge’s own software

SLIQ is an adaptive live streaming technology which removes any glitches that may happen in live streaming even if the internet speed is very slow. The live classes can be played on any compatible device you own, including laptop, mobile and tablets (Android &iOS both). These classes are enriched by interactive diagrams, graphics, polls, quizzes and Q&A sessions. The tests are conducted online.

Talentedge programs are driven by quality and they ensure any student or his/her feedback is not left behind.

We can see how live and interactive learning programs are going big with enriched tech and quality investments. Talentedge is a highly recommended AI based online education provider that is sufficed by more than 90% of approval rate by students. Using their student programs, you can pursue your dream course in the meantime while maintaining flexible timing for all other needs.


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