Remote Hiring

How does a Country’s Economy Impact an Organization’s HR Department?

A company’s HRM definitely isn’t an exception to the influence of the country’s economy. Yet, its precise understanding, as discussed here, helps face the scenario rightly.

Before we can move ahead to understand the topic in-depth, let me give you two examples. Example – 1 Imagine a student who is determined to secure the highest score for a particular semester. Although he is determined about his goal, don’t you think there are other determinants that either enforce or distract him? It may include the parents, teachers, the syllabus, important television programs, friends,

Freelancing has come up as an added source of income or in the form of a small business for several reasons. The reasons include saving for a brand new home, repaying a student loan, or making ends meet. According to, by the year 2027, the US will have more than 86.5 million freelancers making up 50.9% of the workforce in the country. With many freelance platforms offering

Businesses are having to adapt to the new safety rules and regulations that COVID-19 has thrown at them. Most noticeably, the record numbers of employees now working from home. Most of these businesses are witnessing a productive remote workforce, with staff proving their ability to work from home. However, some departments can find this transition more arduous than others, especially the human resources department. Multifunctional HR

How to do remote hiring the best way?

COVID-19 has moved us in the midst of the ‘Remote Hiring‘ era. Today companies are hiring remote workers so that they save money and can increase their businesses’ productivity and also cope with the COVID-19 like pandemics. Before discussing the proper ways to do remote hiring; let’s first discuss a few essential things about remote hiring. What exactly is remote hiring and how does it work?