Project Management

Why Projects Fail and How to Counter Them?

Projects fail. Not one not two but more than 70% of planned projects fail. But the question is why projects fail and what are the methods to counter the project failure? As I said above, 70 percent of projects fail, a statistic that is valid for companies large and small,

6 Indispensable Tools for Young Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs often have a difficult time staying on top of their responsibilities in the workplace. Responding to emails can be very time-consuming. Getting your website to work the way it should is often problematic. And keeping projects organized, staying in touch with your network, and generally being productive is

Just as tech has emerged in pretty much every aspect of our day-to-day lives to streamline tedious tasks, the world of project management is no different. Of course, having the right tech on deck is crucial in a day and age where expectations are sky-high under tight budgets. From managing