Complete Guide to Bar Graphs and Histograms

When written down in text, even the most intriguing statistical data can seem dense or dry. Therefore, many communicators and educators make use of graphs. These are powerful tools that help people better comprehend and visualize large volumes of data. There are various kinds of graphs available today, but bar graphs and histograms are much more popular than other types. This is because both of them

Building Email Marketing Funnels That Convert

Sales funnels help you visualize the path a prospect takes throughout their interaction with your brand. But what’s an email marketing funnel? It’s a sales funnel that’s dedicated to email marketing. It allows you to visualize what stage your prospect is on in the funnel, understand their pain points, and send content that solves them. Through it, you can make sure that they smoothly move from

Content Marketing KPIs You Should Track

There is no magic solution for doing content marketing right. A successful content marketing strategy requires patience, research, evaluation, and a whole lot of reconstruction. However, a number of marketers end up skipping the evaluation aspect. While evaluation may not generate immediate results, it definitely helps to optimize your strategy and avoid wastage of resources. Measuring your content’s performance can help you identify areas for improvement

Will Your Higher Earnings Bring You Happiness?

“Will Your Higher Earnings Bring You Happiness?” It’s a question that has been debated for hundreds of years – will money bring you happiness? While we can all agree that wealth does not buy love, good health or true friendship, it can ease pressure on our daily lives. As the old saying goes – money doesn’t buy happiness but it’s more comfortable to cry in a Lamborghini.