Tunnel through the Earth

What if we make a tunnel through the earth and drop a ball or any other body into it? How would the gravity behave on the ball, and , will the ball pop-up on the other side? If yes, then how much time will it take? A question, which is usually asked in competitive exams

About This post is actually a summary of a research project I took under INSPIRE-SHE Scholarship Program by Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. My plan was to make the content open-source on the web that faults could be corrected by time. The language is simple and very easy to understand and the ease

What is the Need of Clean Technology? Why Not? There is a desperate need to meet the challenges caused by climate change and environmental degradation. In the past, it was the entrepreneurial spirit that contributed most to the innovations with far-reaching benefits. Besides, scientists from outside the industry innovated technologies like steam power, the railways,

10 Most Endangered Rivers

A report from World Wild Fund For Nature lists following Rivers as the most endangered rivers. 1. Salween, Nujiang or Nu River Location: Shared by China, Myanmar and Thailand. It flows from the Tibetan Plateau. Major Threat: Dams made on it. 2. La Plata Location: It crosses five countries in South America. Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina,