Distance Education

5 Myths About Distance Learning and Realities

Distance learning is not a new thing and we know the advantages of doing courses with distance learning. But there are some myths connected with distance learning. Let me help you break those. Myth #1: the quality of education will be lower Not all popular colleges had the opportunity to get a diploma remotely before coronavirus. But where this form of education is provided, the program

Why IGNOU is a Great Choice for Students?

There were days when distance education was not considered as a valid source to impress the employers. It was mostly termed as the last option. With time, such a notion flew by the side and distance education when pursued from an institute like IGNOU is welcomed with open arms. You might be thinking, as for why IGNOU is a trusted education institution in this particular genre

How online MBA degree benefits your career?

Online MBA degrees are rapidly becoming a great career interest and, in the last couple of years, they have grown to be equally powerful as regular MBA degrees. I have already discussed in existing articles how online MBA degrees have evolved in the last decade and how those are the best career options right now. One important point that you need to know about online MBA

We all know how the Internet has evolved to become an integral part of our life. From Tech to Commerce, Web to Education – everything is being handled by digital technologies. New web technologies are being invented to make our daily life smarter, better and more comfortable. From the start, the Internet used to be a place where you could share information among people with complete

Choosing a Distance Learning Course

Distance learning programs are becoming as one of the popular modes of higher education. Today, it is possible to obtain a degree in the course of your choice through distance learning. If you want to pursue a professional course along with your job or other full-time course, then distance learning is a boon for you. But, before choosing a distance learning course you need to research