I am occasionally asked about betting with Bitcoin, especially Bitcoin Casinos and Bitcoin Gambling. This article is a culmination of some of the important facts about these, mainly those related to betting with Bitcoins. Bitcoin is popularly being used by millions of businesses and people all across the globe today. Since Bitcoin transactions do not involve investment companies and banks, they have much lower fees and

Although digital currencies like Bitcoin are not mainstream at the moment, we see a clear increase in the number of companies that accept payments in Bitcoin. When you run a small business, it is easy to think that you should do the same. But the truth is the answer to whether or not you should accept Bitcoin payments is not as simple as you might think,

Have you considered playing online blackjack games with Bitcoin? There are reasons why you might wish to do so. If you are mulling over the idea but are not yet sure that Bitcoin blackjack games are for you, allow us to twist your arm (ever so slightly) by disclosing a few home truths about online blackjack betting with bitcoins. Play Blackjack Anonymously Online One of the

Investing in Cryptocurrency or thinking to do so? Cryptocurrency exchanges can be the best place to start. In this article, I have picked some of the best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India that I think are very trustworthy for users like you. Cryptocurrency exchanges are basically the services that allow you to trade INR to Cryptocurrencies and vice-versa. This eliminates the need of buying one cryptocurrency to

Bitcoin can be referred to as digital gold. For instance, Bitcoin can’t be created arbitrarily, and it demands a lot of effort to “extract.” And, just like how gold should be extracted from the earth, Bitcoin should be mined through computational methods. When it was introduced to the world nearly a decade ago, Bitcoin was expected to be a revolution in the finance industry. However, that

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies (known as cryptocurrencies) are rapidly growing in both popularity and value. Naturally, all industries are trying to get in on the Bitcoin-Altcoin rush as early as possible, and the gambling industry is no exception.  Online gambling websites have long been trying to make incoming and outgoing payments as seamless and convenient as possible. As more people became interested in crypto, it was only a

Looking for the best Cryptocurrencies to invest in this year? Cryptocurrency has been gaining a significant amount of popularity in recent times. There are presently over 5,000 cryptocurrencies in the market, with more options becoming available as digital money rapidly gains footing on Wall Street. Although it is technically possible to make purchases using cryptocurrency, people generally look at it as a kind of long-term investment.

Dogecoin – a cryptocurrency that began in 2013 as an internet joke/parody – has risen dramatically as one of the top cryptocurrencies, adding about $19.9 billion in just a single day. For a cryptocurrency that is based on an internet meme and was conceived as a “fun” alternative to Bitcoin, that is indeed a stunning achievement. In late April 2021, Dogecoin doubled in value within a

Looking to invest in cryptocurrency and hunting for the best Crypto apps to use in India? You are at the perfect place. In this article, first I will guide you through with the how and why of crypto trading apps. In last I will list 5 best crypto trading apps and platforms to use for Indian users. Since 2009, Bitcoin has been achieving great heights of

Earlier this March (on March 13th), Bitcoin reached a new record high touching $60,000 only to correct itself immediately after, currently trading at .  Just a year ago, on March 13th, 2020, BTC was trading at roughly $5,000 – giving more than 1,000% returns within a year. Quite insane, if you ask me.  If that wasn’t enough of an eye-opener, Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of

This article on the future of Cryptocurrency in India was written in an unbiased mode. I do not want to oppose or support a specific party or government. If you think there is an opinion that offends you or your opinion — I will humbly apologize for that. But in this article I have tried my best to bring the best of information without bending towards

With the growing public interest and increasing rates of Bitcoin, you may have been curious to learn more about this currency as well. I have put together this article using up-to-date and reliable facts to help you understand what Bitcoin is, and how safe it is to use. I hope you find it useful and informative. What is Bitcoin? Originally created in 2008 by two programmers

Today cryptocurrencies have taken over the market by storm. Cryptocurrency is a potentially significant investment in this generation. Many experts consider Cryptocurrencies to be the currency of the future; but it hasn’t been this good for cryptocurrencies always. In the past, Cryptocurrencies were considered an asset where investors were predicted to fail. Many countries, including India – even banned crypto trading. But today the world is

If you want to secure success as an entrepreneur, you need to be willing to experiment with new techniques, strategies, and experiences. Otherwise, you could miss out on an exciting opportunity that has the potential to change your business for the better. One such opportunity is the chance to work with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency has the potential to change your business for the better. If you have

Cryptocurrency has become one of the main areas of interest when it comes to the business sector. It is rapidly continuing to grow in popularity and this means a lot of investors are also coming on board. Crypto trading has been one of the ever trending topics in recent times. As we all know, we might not be using the traditional currency we have now in

One of the most uncommon questions in cryptocurrency space popped up by the Bitcoins enthusiastic people that are constantly looking for the “killer Bitcoin apps”. Gone are the days when cryptographic currencies and public Blockchain computing platforms were highly equivalent to the criminal underground. Today, we use Blockchain technology to transfer various assets from a central record keeping system to decentralized system that eliminates the need

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