Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence may not be perfect but it is rapidly becoming of every business sector by each passing day. It has so many benefits that almost every sector uses AI tools for one thing or the other, like Chatbots, Customer Support, Educating People and what not. Even online casinos now use more advanced AI software to run their online business. In this article, we will discuss

The impact of technology on the fashion industry

In recent times, technology has had a strong influence on the dynamics of the fashion world. With the shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping, e-commerce being a formidable force is a huge example of how technology has been impacting the fashion industry. As in all sectors, technology is revolutionizing the way people perceive and incorporate fashion in their own lives, and this has, in many

Artificial intelligence is going a notch higher with every invention. It focuses on integrating advanced computer functions with human intelligence to learn, solve problems and reason. Over the years, the sales of various artificial intelligence products have increased. The products that are helping integrate artificial intelligence in the home range from smart AI-powered thermostats, CCTV cameras, and home assistant devices to help you manage your calendars,

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