Kalpa (कल्प) is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘aeon’ or ‘age’. It’s the Hindu unit of time to measure very long time periods, especially the ages of the gods and goddesses. One Kalpa is the one day (12 hours, as we say) of Lord Brahma and it equals to 1008 maha-yugas. In our measures, one Kalpa equals to 4.32 billions years. It’s said that it is the 51st year of Lord Brahma and more than 36500 Kalpas were spent before Brahma created the current universe. It’s been not more than two Kalpas since the current universe had its genesis.

Those big numbers apart, this novel entitled Kalpa is a newbie’s ‘try’ to connect humans and the gods through these big time measures. Proceeding with fictional way, I have tried to understand how time behaves and how it will in its own future. The content is mainly focused on the Hindu literature, yet some examples from several western books have also been included.

This novel is still in draft and will be edited once I find a qualified editor. The novel contains 72 chapters, 2 parts and will span a time period of 52 years of Lord Brahma.


  1. The Scarers
  2. Undisclosed
  3. The Woman of Steel
  4. Dine in the Hell
  5. Love Dies
  6. So Unlike!
  7. The Seven Stars and the Five Elements
  8. Clock
  9. BION
  10. Shakti
  11. Unmighty Gods
  12. Mighty Men