ThoughtBuzz  is a social monitoring tool for tracking and analyzing social media profiles in a hassle-free way. It allows users to connect their social media profiles and track the engagement stats from a single place. Currently available only as a responsive web-app, Thoughtbuzz is available for both desktop & handheld browsers.

Thoughtbuzz – First Thoughts

Thoughtbuzz was started to offer the individuals and organizations business analytics for their social media campaigns. Started long way back in 2008, it is more than 6 years old and stands as one of the leading social analytics platforms in Asia. Thoughtbuzz has seen both feature and approach upgrades recently and now earns  leading clients like P&G and Myntra.  Born with Indian brains in Singapore, Thoughtbuzz has their offices in India, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

I encountered Thoughtbuzz in January 2015 when looking for a two-in-one alternative to SocialBro and Buffer. SocialBro was limited to only twitter related tracking whilst Buffer tracked only the posts shared via itself. Thoughtbuzz seemed more open and actionable than the both. Here I could track not only twitter but all major social media platforms, plus I could publish my updates to all social networks at once.

Available in three plans, free, premium and business Thoughtbuzz costs nothing to be started. The free version supports one profile each for two of the most popular social networks: Facebook and Twitter but for accessing more the likes of Instagram, Pinterest and all — you must upgrade to the premium or higher plans. With Premium plans, you can add up to 15 social profiles on four social networks. You can also track public profiles ( e.g., in a case they’re your social competitors) using  the same tool.


Thoughtbuzz: Features

Mobile & Desktop Ready

thoughtbuzz is responsive



This red is ugly!As a web-only app, Thoughtbuzz dashboard succeeds everywhere but the color choice. It’s responsive to every pixel, fast and well-designed with huge tabs. Orange-red is not a color everyone will like, especially the ones with eye problems. The dashboard, as said, is decent and adapts according to the nature of device screen. All demographics that you see with a desktop browser, are also available on all modern mobiles and tablets.

Totally Social

Thoughtbuzz supports email as well as social logins. I signed up for it using my Google+ profile and as usual, the sign-up process was quick and easy. Now, once you get used to it you’ll start loving it. It turns even more social with time. I could add all my social networks feeds at one place, post status to them and track them — all from a single place.

Publish to Multiple Social Networks

At ThoughtBuzz social tab, you don’t just see latest timeline updates from different profiles you added but you can also post to all your social media profiles at once. Just click “Share” in the engagement tab and there you can easily post and schedule your social updates.

truly social thoughtbuzz


Track Influence


Tracking what-converts-for-you is very important. With Thoughtbuzz, you can track your posted content as well as the most loyal fans, critics and customers and optimize your social media strategies. Thoughtbuzz identifies influencers by tracking each interaction on your social profile. This eases the method to plan what is more important to you than the others.

Track your competitors, too

Keeping an eye on your competitor’s page can be a great aid to your social media strategies. With Thoughtbuzz, you can easily track how your social-enemies are doing. To do competitor tracking, all you need is to simply add the link of public profiles of the accounts you want to track. The public profile may be a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, YouTube channel or an Instagram account.


Thoughtbuzz: An Opinion

Thoughtbuzz has evolved into an all-one-one dashboard for all social media needs. No matter who you are, if you really care about your business – there stands a definite chance that you’d try Thoughtbuzz. Thoughtbuzz has no alternative in social monitoring and publishing together and, is no less than any web-app in user experience. I tried it, my team tried it and we all loved the experience. Meanwhile, I am not saying that Thoughtbuzz is perfect. It’s not and maybe will never be, but it does what it is made for: being Truly Social 🙂 .

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Modern Design
Cross Social Network
Browser Ready
Great Support Team
Value for Money
What's not?
Raw Coloring
No Mobile Apps

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  1. Good tool. Tried Thoughtbuzz for a week. Felt totally impressed for that time period but the real problem is that it’s not addictive — neither feature packed nor it’s available on the go.

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