Slider is a visually effective and high earning ad service from Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is world’s most effective free content delivery and web optimization network. You can optimize and speed up your blog/website using cloudflare‘s blazing fast servers. In addition to CDN, cloudflare also offers plenty of web-scripts, called Apps, which can be associated with any website optimized cloudflare without any extra effort. These apps are maintained through Cloudflare App Manager. Once activated, these apps are loaded on your website by javascripts hosted by cloudflare. You can explore the list of apps offered by cloudflare here.

slider logoIn July 2014, Cloudflare launched their own click-based-advertising service called SLIDER. It was added to app manager aiming to help cloudflare users get extra advertising income with minimal effort. Slider was aimed as an extra income earning tool for publishers. They also described slider as not an adsense replacement but just an addition to it. Slider ads can be used along with other ad networks like Adsense or chitika and are recommended to everyone willing to earn more. A slider ad is a 300×250 medium rectangle which quietly slides onto the page after one second of visitor engagement. This draws better attention from the readers and results in maximum revenue for publishers. I have displayed the adverts on this blog since the service was started. Most advertisements offered were keyword focused and from top advertisers all over the world. Cloudflare claims that slider has highest possible yield.

This is how slider ads appear on my blog:

this is how the slider ads appear These ads are strictly targeted for desktop and tablet browsers. It means, mobile visitors of your blog will not see any such sliders at all. This may be a good or a bad thing based on publisher’s perspective. Another downside of this ad service is that it shows sliders also inside your blog dashboard.

How to use the Slider on your website?

First of all make sure that your domain is hosted on cloudflare. If it is not, you can host it there for free. You are suggested to read my Cloudflare optimization guide for more help. Once you have properly configured your domain with cloudflare, go to “My Websites” > “domain name” > apps. Slider app should appear at the top of the list of all applications. slider ads on top If slider service is off, click it to turn it on. You will then see the  “setup” option. By using “setup” you can control the nature and position of advertisements (‘sliders’). You can configure ‘orientation’, ‘format’, ‘duration’ and ‘scrolling’ of sliders.

Slider by Cloudflare

My slider config

Once you finish the configuration and save, your request for approval of ads will be sent to cloudflare team. They take around a week to confirm your slider account after checking the quality aspects of content from your website. Your account will be denied only if it has content negative in nature, illegal or offensive in any way. Your readers may, however, see ‘sliders’ instantly after you finished the setup. Ad earnings from slider are not trackable like Adsense. Performance & ad earning reports are sent periodically through e-mail. While the ad income can be retrieved after 60-days when it qualifies minimum payout threshold. In short, if you are using cloudflare — you can make some great money by this tool. And, better if you are already earning with adsense/chitika — you can add more value to that using slider ads. Slider ads are visually attractive and don’t interfere with your primary ad earnings.

Slider is available for all blogging platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Joomla etc.

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