How to Get Shoutouts on Instagram? (5 Useful Tips)

Do you conduct an e-commerce activity, like you own an e-commerce website or you are registered as an authorized seller on top e-commerce portals?

And now you are wondering how to promote your business. Well, we have discussed many ideas about how to promote your online business. This time, let’s go through how you can use SMM, especially Instagram, to advertise your venture.

In this guide, we have answered some questions like what SMM is, what is essential for it, how to get shoutouts on Instagram, and how it can influence your business.

If it’s all about you, go on reading this guide because it includes so much useful information for entrepreneurs, business owners and internet marketers.

So, let’s begin.

Nowadays, promotion concepts have been changing rapidly. It’s not necessary now to advertise your product or service by means of TV or newspapers, though it was a very popular and efficient measure ten years ago. If you want to promote your business effectively to date, it’s better for you to pay attention to digital channels of promotion. That’s why it’s high time to look at SMM.

So, what is SMM?

SMM (social media marketing) is a way of product or service promotion by means of advertising on social media platforms.

Why is it essential to use SMM?

You should understand that in the 21st century most people worldwide surf the Internet. That’s why it’s a great chance for you to promote your products and services online

When launching a SMM campaign, you should think of the particular social networks. So, we won’t drag it out. In accordance with lots of independent researchers, Instagram is the most promising social media platform if speaking about promotion.

Now let’s figure out how you can use Instagram for your business.

If you want to promote your goods or services on Instagram, you have two options - official ads and Instagram shoutouts. We wouldn’t recommend using official ads due to some reasons:

  • official ads cost a lot;
  • Instagram users don’t usually pay attention to them

So, why should we pay so much and get almost nothing?

Here come Instagram shoutouts.

What are Instagram shoutouts?

Instagram shoutouts are pre-paid posts which promote your business in a popular blogger’s account.

Why is it better to use Instagram shoutouts?

First of all, Instagram shoutouts are more likely to draw Internet users’ attention. When an Instagram blogger promotes something, in most cases, his subscribers don’t even understand that it’s an ad. They consider such a post as a recommendation and nothing else.

Moreover, Instagram shoutouts usually cost less than official ads. But here is one important caveat - the shoutouts in the most popular bloggers’ profiles can cost you even more than official ads. This depends on the very blogger you would like to choose. The more subscribers such a blogger has, the higher the Instagram shoutout price is. How do you get Instagram shoutouts and save money? 

Here are our 5 tips for you to increase your profit using Instagram:

1) Choose a product or service

If you’ve decided to promote your business by means of Instagram, you should begin with choosing your most popular and attractive product or service. The point is that in most cases a blogger tells his subscribers about something he has dealt with. For example, you sell clothes. In that case, the blogger you’ve chosen tells his subscribers that he has bought an amazing T-shirt, and he is ready to recommend it.

2) Find a blogger


Here is one of the most important tips for you - if you want to save a lot of money and derive maximum benefits from the ads, you should pay attention to the bloggers who have 5,000-10,000 subscribers. Why not look at those who have millions of followers? In most cases it’s too expensive to place your ads in these bloggers’ profiles. Moreover, if bloggers have lots of subscribers, they are very likely to place lots of ads. It means that their followers got used to the advertising posts and, in most cases, they just scroll them down. That’s why choose several less popular bloggers whose auditory can be interested in your product or services and start your ad campaign!

3) Design a picture

You should think of an image to use for your promo post. What is it supposed to look like? If you want to advertise particular products, you should put them there. Please remember that it’s not a good idea to put too many items on the image because you risk to get an unreadable picture. 

4) Settle the date of release

It’s also important to choose the date of the ad release. Please note that it would be reasonable to launch your ad campaign shortly before holidays and such events as Black Friday. BTW, if there are no days of sales to come, you may ask the blogger to post the ad close to weekends when people are more active on the Internet.

5) Pay this blogger off  

It’s also one of the most essential steps in your ad campaign. That’s why we should derive maximum benefits from this step as well! If we choose a blogger with 5,000-10,000 followers, you can give him some of your items in exchange for his ad. Would you like to get Instagram shoutouts almost for free?

Let’s sum it up. What do you need to gain benefit from social network usage? First of all, choose a blogger who can provide you with an ad for a small fee. Then, think of what to advertise and design the post. In fact, that’s it because it remains for you only to choose the date of starting your ad campaign and pay for the promotion! Launch it shortly before the holidays and you’ll definitely succeed!