Sellzone Review: Ace Up Your Amazon Marketing Game

Are you looking to up your Amazon marketing game? Sellzone can help!

Sellzone is a tool for Amazon Business owners looking to boost their product sales on Amazon using neat product research, product SEO, product optimization and more. In this Sellzone review, I will explain everything that you need to know about this amazing Amazon marketing tool and also how it fares to its competition.

Need of a Tool like Sellzone

There are two ways businesses and entrepreneurs use Amazon business.

  1. Many sell their products on Amazon and also on their e-commerce websites.
  2. Then there are a few who sell and market their products on Amazon only.

If you don’t have an Amazon Business Account, you should get one. By becoming a seller on Amazon, you get access to the world’s #1 e-commerce platform, billions of users worth reach and unlimited potential.

As of now, more than 2.4 million brands and individuals are selling products on Amazon, and that number is steadily growing every year.

Whether your business is doing well at Amazon or not, you must regularly re-evaluate your approach weekly or monthly to see how you can improve your sales.

For that purpose, you can try a tool like Sellzone that allows you to A/B test your Amazon listings to ascertain which elements your customers like best.

Moreover, it offers useful tools to improve your Amazon listings, check on traffic, and safeguard the integrity of those product listings.

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In the Sellzone review, I will discuss its salient features, pricing and more. It will help you see what you stand to gain by choosing this potential selling machine.

What does Sellzone do?

Sellzone is an Amazon SEO and marketing tool from the team of SEMrush – the popular SEO tool.

Formerly known as Sellery, Sellzone has incredible potential for all kinds of Amazon merchants – both big and small. It comes with numerous powerful tools to help users improve the performance of their product listings on Amazon, such as:

  • Listing Protection
  • Split Testing
  • A Keyword Wizard
  • Traffic Insights
  • Amazon PPC Optimizer
  • Amazon Product Research
  • Listing Quality Check

These tools influence the traffic, conversions, and visibility of Amazon listings. We will now discuss each of them in detail in the section below.

The features of Sellzone

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Sellzone comes with a number of tools packaged smoothly into a well-designed dashboard. These include the following:

Keyword Wizard

The Keyword Wizard helps you improve your Amazon SEO by picking up top keywords and searching for terms with high volume and low competition. It works very much like the SEMrush Keyword Magic tool, except that it concentrates more on your Amazon listings and uses a database of more than 200 million keywords – one of the largest keyword research databases on the market.

Listing Protection

This tool monitors every one of your listings on Amazon and promptly notifies you in case anything goes wrong. With its help, you can quickly respond to traffic loss and unwanted listing changes. It tracks your keyword positions, listing suppression, buy boxes, and prices. Tracking an Amazon listing boosts your company’s oversight for products on Amazon. It is an excellent tool for checking price changes and observing how your rivals price their products.

Traffic Insights

This is an analytical tool that you can use to compare and evaluate Amazon listings’ traffic channels and scale your marketing strategy accordingly. It uses the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) of each item to handle the process. You might also see websites that presently link to your own product listings, allowing you to continue reaching out to those websites and making sure that they keep giving you coverage.

Split Testing

The Split Testing tool is the first Sellzone product that is still free to use for all users. It is a system for running tests on all your Amazon listings and finding out which images, wordings, and other elements help in increasing conversions most efficiently. Thus, you needn’t keep guessing to find out whether a description or image is appealing to your customers.

Listing Quality Check

It is an overarching audit tool for Amazon sellers that checks listings for incompleteness, content errors, and following Amazon Guidelines. Thereafter, it offers suggestions for listing optimization with a Listing Quality Score from 1 to 10, encouraging you to take action or to understand that a particular listing is properly optimized.

Amazon Product Research Tool

This is a free-to-use tool for researching and locating products that are most likely to sell well on Amazon. It displays profits and fees for each sale using up-to-date information about demand and an FBA calculator. It also uses smart filters to identify products that provide high sales that have the highest profit potential.

Amazon PPC Optimizer Tool

Using this tool, you can optimize and automate all your Amazon advertising campaigns. It also helps you avoid tough competition, attracts more customers, and swiftly looks up more keywords that may provide benefits for your campaigns. Essentially, it builds your semantic core without any lengthy processes. It provides effective possibilities to optimize your Amazon advertising campaigns.


Sellzone’s interface is one of its greatest strengths, especially because it displays a consolidated dashboard to choose and test your Amazon product listings. After going to the Tools tab in the main dashboard menu, you will see links to each of Sellzone’s features – the Keyword Wizard, Listing Protection, Traffic Insights, Listing Quality Check, and the original Split Testing tool from Sellzone.

You can now click the Listing Protection button to add listings and monitor for product ranks, Buy Box changes, listing suppression, and more. In the Traffic Insights area, you can analyze one or more products to view detailed analytics, along with Google Organic, Backlinks, and Google Shopping ads. Similarly, the Keyword Wizard will help you identify the keywords that can fetch more sales.

To optimize Amazon SEO, set up a PPC campaign in the PPC Optimizer tool to polish your workflow. Finally, you can get a Listing Quality Score by clicking on the Listing Quality Check. It will also give you a list of successful checks and recommendations to follow best practices and Amazon Style Guides. If you’re a beginner, then you can also use the free Product Research tool to get fresh ideas on what product(s) to sell.


sellzone pricing

The Sellzone Split Testing tool and the Product Research tool are free for everyone to use.

They are user-friendly and instantly enable you to start selling a new product or test small parts of your existing product pages to make sure that they’re appealing to your customers.

If you’d like to work harder for improvement, then you can purchase Sellzone plans using any of the pricing packages described below:

  • Free – It gives you access to unlimited listing split tests, ASIN external traffic overviews, Amazon product research, a 100 keyword research limit, listing checks for Amazon requirements, three seed keywords per day, customer support, one product to run Amazon ads, and an academy course for training purposes.
  • Growth – It is priced at $50 per month and gives you access to all features in the Free plan, along with numerous additional ones. These include a full set of listing quality checks and improvement suggestions, hijacker alerts, listing suppression alerts, running Amazon PPC campaigns, Amazon Style Guide checking, security alerts to enhance your listing protection, Google Shopping ads, 500 listings for the Listing Protection, keyword rank alerts, different match types, keyword list exporting, sorting and smart filtering, unlimited keyword searching, unlimited seed keywords per day, insights for Amazon and Google organic traffic and keywords, info on websites linking to your listings, Buy Box Statuses, and price changes.
  • Pro – It is priced at $85 per month and gives you access to, apart from everything in the previous plan, extended limits, a personal account manager, private onboarding, and 2,000 listing checks sin the Listing Protection module.

Sellzone also gives you the option to pay your fees annually and save up to $200 per year depending on your plan. For example, this is what the yearly pricing with upfront payment looks like:

  • Free – $0
  • Growth – $40 per month (billed annually)
  • Pro – $70 per month (billed annually)

Also, there’s a seven-day free trial that demands a credit card on file and allows you to sample all the tools. After the trial ends, you will be moved to the Growth plan for $50 per month.

Keep in mind, though, that all the Sellzone tools presently only work for the US Amazon Marketplace.

Customer support

Being a SEMrush product, Sellzone offers excellent customer support. SEMrush covers the support for Sellzone issues and also allows you to connect with them through social media platforms.

SEMrush also provides an online knowledge base for your regular questions and learn how to use its products without browsing around unnecessarily.

The online SEMrush Academy offers several useful materials to help you train yourself on the SEMrush tools, including Sellzone.


If you are an Amazon merchant, I suggest you try out Sellzone’s 7 days free trial to see how it can improve conversions and quickly make better product listings on Amazon.

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Sellzone comes with a user-friendly interface, low pricing, and is powered by the award-winning SEMrush. It also offers a number of useful free tools for you to sample before you make a purchase.

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