Why are Restaurant Apps the Need of Time?

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular amongst restaurant businesses due to the demand and availability of on-demand restaurant menus.

The restaurant scene has stayed largely the same since dining out became a thing in 1960s. Restaurant menus might have evolved and diversified to suit a broader and more contemporary range of food tastes, but the process of ordering food and receiving it from a waiter or waitress has remained unchanged. 

It is only recently that restaurants have started to consider more convenient ordering options for their customers. One of the most effective ways of implementing a new simpler way of ordering food is by introducing a mobile app.

What are restaurant apps?

So what are restaurant apps and why are they getting preferred by both the businesses and users?

A restaurant app is a dedicated, in-house app that customers can access to learn more about a restaurant, create an account, order and pay for food, and receive rewards for their loyalty. Restaurant apps enable restaurants to meet the demands of their customers, 85% of whom are estimated to prefer apps over company websites.

What are the benefits of restaurant apps?

A restaurant app isn’t only good branding for a business. It can also make the dining and restaurant experience a lot more enjoyable for both the customers and the staff. 

By allowing customers to create an app and order their food without having to leave their table, restaurants are eliminating one of the most tedious aspects of dining in. Nobody likes having to queue for food, and it’s equally frustrating when a waiter or waitress gives you too much or too little time to decide on what you’d like to order. An in-house app takes away the hassle of ordering in person, and puts the entire process into the customer’s hands. 

Of course, there will always be customers who prefer to be waited on, and it’s unlikely that the waiting service will ever disappear entirely. But providing customers with the option of ordering at their own pace via their mobile phone is a big selling point for any restaurant business. 

Another benefit of a restaurant app is that it can encourage repeat custom by rewarding customers for their spending. Using a restaurant app, a business can arrange for customers to enjoy a discount on their food, or perhaps a free item of food, after spending a certain amount of money. This is a great way to make a customer feel appreciated for returning to a restaurant, and if they’re aware of the incentives on the horizon, they will prioritise that restaurant above its competitors. 

Finally, restaurant apps provide a secure form of payment, with options for safer payment methods including PayPal. Not only does this protect your own business, but it’s an encouraging sign for your customers. 

Making your own restaurant app

There’s no need to bother with learning to code if you want to make an app for your business from scratch. There are app building tools with features and templates that are specifically designed for small businesses and restaurants, and these cost a fraction of the price to run. They’re also incredibly easy to create, with drag and drop functions to make the app building process as simple and enjoyable as possible. 

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