Almost every motorist has received a speeding ticket from the police at least once in their lives. Getting yourself in that situation can be either voluntary or involuntary. For instance, you can be late for a meeting or testing your new car’s speed limits. However, no motorist wishes to be caught in such situations. A radar detector is essential in regulating your speed to avoid bumping into patrol police.

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A quality one will measure your current speed and give a warning if you are likely to exceed the speed, on top of scanning for radar signals directed at your car. Let us discuss a few things that law enforcement do not want you to know about this device:

A Third of All Speed Enforcement Citations are Inaccurate

We all strive to get the best radar detector in 2018, can give us to avoid getting into trouble with the police. There is a broad range of radar detectors in the market. We often go for one that will not only give us a warning on over speeding with additional features. Some include detecting an emergency vehicle as they approach from far. However, did you know that a third of all police speed execution are erroneous?

You might be cited for 90 in a 70 zone, but it does not mean that the police device was accurate. Do not mistake it for them falsifying results. Buying a faulty machine is not always intentional. If they notice it was erroneous, chances are they will not let you know.

The Struggle to Hide

Most of us think that it is a simple task for police to hide during a speed trap. The law requires officers to hide behind obstructions for a speed trap. It emphasizes on the need for them to align in sight to your car. This alignment is crucial for the car to focus on the beam measuring your speed. The truth is that achieving a proper alignment is difficult.

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The Basis of Being Given A Citation or A Warning

There is always a bias misconception on the basis used to give a citation or a warning. Most people misinterpret it as a bias based on profiling such as color. This is not always true. Police can be biased depending on their preferences, but sometimes it is beyond them.

Speed limits aim to instill a culture of responsible driving to minimize accidents. Therefore, giving a citation or warning will depend on the need and extent to modify behavior. For example, you will get a warning if you do not have a record of over speeding. A citation is common for people who have violated the speed limit before.

Switching to New Technology

It is common for radars on new cars to make a false alarm using similar radio frequencies. Experience in the field has enabled the law enforcement to realize of such faults and switch to better models. For example, Lidar has a beam of infrared light and is challenging to detect by motorists. It is not just a simple upgrade. They know the common trends of faulty devices and want to maximize the chances of getting you.

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