Pros (and Cons) of Online Education for Entrepreneurs

Technology has taken the world by storm and changed almost every area of society.

One area, in particular, is learning. Instead of traditional colleges where you attend in person, many schools offer online programs or are completely based online. However, while they have their advantages for entrepreneurs, they also have their set of drawbacks.

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Here are some of the pros and cons of online education for entrepreneurs.

Flexible Learning

When starting your own business, you may not have time to attend classes in person. E-learning allows you as an entrepreneur to fit studies around your own business so that you can learn when it fits into your schedule, not the other way around. Whether you're earning a degree or just taking a few classes, you'll find that this is a huge benefit.

However, flexible learning also means less structure. Depending on your style, you may miss the structure that a traditional program would give you. And in some cases, some programs will allow you to pick more flexible schedules that can be worked around your business.


As an entrepreneur, you always need resources, and online learning provides access to a wide network of online resources that can be accessed at any time. This also is true when networking with students. You can keep in touch with other people in your class through email or other online means when needed.

But there are limits to the amount of networking you can do offline. You’ll often miss the genuine connection you’ll get in a real networking event and you won’t have access to the same number of networking opportunities as well, which is crucial for any future business graduate.

Rolling Admission

The traditional semester model may not be ideal for an entrepreneur. Also, in-person classes tend to limit class sizes, which may make it difficult for you to enroll. Independent online study is a great way to learn in your own time frame. Many online programs also offer staggered course admission dates so that you can start learning at a time that suits your needs rather than having to wait on the school's enrollment date.

Wide Range of Programs

Today, almost any area can be studied online. But not all online programs are created equal. Schools that only provide online programs are often limited. This is why many students decide to go to colleges that offer both options. NEC, for example, offers 37 Bachelor's degree programs and enrolls approximately 900 online graduate students. Their wide range of programs allows people to study whatever area they want to pursue. And many of their business programs are available as well, which really gives you the best of both worlds.

If you want to continue learning but can't commit to a traditional program, online could be a good choice for your needs and offers a great opportunity to further your knowledge while operating your business. However, if you want to get the real college experience and get access to more chances for networking and mentoring, then offline course remains your best option.