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Author: Gaurav Tiwari & other guest authors

Number of Pages: 237 (including cover page, acknowledgements and blog comments)

Format: Portable File Format (PDF)

File Size: about 45.3 MB.

Copyright: © Gaurav Tiwari (for more details see Copyright page of the book)

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It has been more than three entertaining years here on MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK and with all those experiences I gained in this time-period, I have decided to bring the best articles from the blog into a book. Once planned as a mathematics only book, “A Trip to Mathematics” is now extended and modified to be a colorful combination of mathematics, physics and other topics on which I write regularly on  This blogbook consists over 60 articles from six different categories (math, physics, tech, education , chemistry and puzzles) and over 100 blog comments. The book is still in a draft (and hence very faulty)  and available only to my readers as an e-book (PDF) format. As a reader, you are invited to send me suggestions and error reports about the book.


After the bulky  blog book, I was receiving emails to publish the individual sections in lighter file sizes. Here is the ‘Puzzles’ only e-book getting published today. This e-book contains exactly 24 puzzles with complete solution.

Download ‘MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK – Puzzles’ e-book here for free.