How Practice Tests Can Help Improve Your ACE Score?

We all know that gut-wrenching feeling the moment before you look at a test score. It’s a lot like when you were a kid and you had to take off a bandaid, you’d rather it just get ripped off quickly. The moment after seeing that test score will either be one of jubilation, or regret and disappointment. Either way, there’s always some element of relief because at least it’s over. 

If you have been in the emotional throes of trying to prepare for a giant exam, like the ACE CPT exam, then you know how much test anxiety can build. One of the reasons you take weeks, or even months to prepare for an exam is to give yourself the best chance possible of getting the score you need. If you are like most students, then you are willing to do anything and everything possible to help improve your chances of a good score.

If you’ve been wondering how much help a practice test can provide for an ACE exam, then you aren’t alone. Practice tests can be hard, long, and feel like a commitment that’s almost as terrifying as the real thing. So is an ACE practice test worth your time and will it actually help you improve your score?

Lucky for you, here is everything you need to know. 

How to Prepare with the Practice Tests?

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Before getting into the specifics of how a practice exam will help you improve your score, let’s talk about how to prepare for a practice test. Yes, you read correctly, it’s important that you know how to prepare for the practice test itself. The truth is, a practice test is a powerful tool that can really help you get the best score possible on your exam, however, it can also act as a roadblock and a discouragement. So knowing how to prepare for a practice exam and think about them is key. 

Just Do It!

The first thing you need to understand about a practice test is that it’s so important that you simply just do it! Don’t treat it like your actual real test by taking a long time to prepare for it and studying for weeks before taking it. In fact, if you have a chance at a couple of unique practice tests, space them out so you can get an accurate representation of your knowledge.

A practice test is one of your best tools for studying, so use it!  

Don’t Be Afraid of the Practice Test Results

This is huge, and typically the reason why most people fail on the first point and simply don’t do a practice exam or don’t do them early enough. Don’t be afraid of the score you get from your practice exam. It’s a good thing to understand what level of knowledge you have, so view it in a positive light. Getting disappointed by a practice exam score is far better than being disappointed by a real test score.

If you do your practice test early enough to give yourself time to analyze your score and improve, you may not have to endure the disappointment of a bad exam score on test day!

It Helps You Get an Idea of the Pacing of the ACE Exam

With larger exams, one of the most important skills to build on, and the number one way that a practice exam can help you, is with pacing. How long does it take to move through the exam and what are the questions like? How should you move through the different parts, and what kind of pacing should you exercise? 

The longer and more in-depth an exam, the more important taking a practice exam will be. Even if you have the knowledge, if you haven’t practiced taking an exam of similar size and difficulty, it can be distracting on test day.

Gets You the Fastest Assessment of Your Knowledge Level

A good practice exam will show you exactly where your level of knowledge is. This is the best way to assess your knowledge level before an exam and a good practice test will be accurate to the level of difficulty the real exam contains. This is why you need to take practice exams as soon as possible and as often as possible. 

ACE Practice Tests Will Help You Use Your Time Wisely

Lastly, by assessing your knowledge level as often as possible, you can refine your study time to hone in on the areas of your knowledge you are weak on. A good practice test will help you understand where you need to spend more time studying and where you have an adequate or acceptable level of knowledge. 


If you are preparing for the ACE CPT exam, then take a practice test as often as you can to evaluate your knowledge and progression. A practice test will prove to be one of the most effective tools for getting the score you want! 

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