Prepare for JEE Main and Advance

Looking for tips, tricks and resources to help you crack JEE Main and Advance exams this year? I am here to help you. JEE Main is a standardized online exam that is conducted across the different states in India. This is conducted for students who want to pursue undergraduate courses in some of the best engineering colleges in India, such as IITs, NITs, etc.

Good writing and proper revision are two important elements of a study process. Once a child reach the age of deeper learning — which generally is ten — they begin to find themselves facing the start of a long line of the academic steps of exams and bundles of books.

Every year millions of aspirants apply for the IIT entrance examination, but not many of them are selected. This goal seems almost impossible to students who are at the level of mediocrity. Over the years, however, there have emerged stories of inspiration where even mediocre students have marked their worth