Inkscape Symbols Library

The Inkscape Symbols Library is a collection of various kinds of icons in vector format. You can import the icons into Inkscape’s default symbol library panel by downloading & installing the tools.

, Image, Gaurav Tiwari

Download it on Github→

How to Install?

Grab the icon libraries you need by cloning the repo or downloading the ZIP. You can also save the SVG files to your system directly from github (above link).

  • Copy the individual SVG files into your Inkscape config folder under the symbols folder. If it’s not there, create it.
  • For OS X and Linux, the local user directory is ~/.config/inkscape/symbols.
  • For Windows, the directory is:
    %PROGRAMFILES%Inkscapesharesymbols. (64 bits)
    %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%Inkscapesharesymbols. (32 bits)
  • (You can also run the installer on 32 bit installations. The 64 bit is coming soon.)
  • Launch Inkscape (close it first if it’s already running).
  • Open Symbols from Object > symbols or press Ctrl+Shift+Y. You should see all icon sets in the “Symbol set” dropdown.

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