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Become a better student

Tips from top educators to help you learn better and outshine others as an amazing student. Memory tricks, writing & reading ideas and much more.

Learn to write even better

Be a blogger or just a student – digital marketing expert or not, you will be always needed to be better in writing. Our tricks are here to help you do better.

Become a better blogger

There will always be a room for improvement when you blog-on. I bring you the best from the experience of top bloggers across the globe.

Build a better and bigger business

Starting up or already a giant – I have ideas for everyone all along. Explore articles from a team of experts to drive your business in greater ways.


Google PageRank Update

Google PageRank Updated – We became better

Google PageRank (PR), the most popular base 10 website popularity algorithm, has received an unexpected update on this December 6 --exactly 10 months and 2 days after the last update was released. My blog has regained…


Abel Prize Laureates

Abel prize is one of the most prestigious awards given for outstanding contribution in mathematics, often considered as the Nobel Prize of Mathematics. Niels Henrik Abel Memorial fund, established on 1 January 2002, awards the Abel Prize…

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We are now using MathJax!

The very first trouble I faced, while moving the blog from hosting to, was due to a bug in WordPress's OPML importer. The 'importer' messed up with all LaTeX equations on this site…


Examination Strategies : Tactics & Tips

Every student or graduate knows how hard the first experience of passing exams is. Preliminary preparation starves the nervous system and the physical condition of the human body, however, the exam itself is always a…

Nobel Prize Winners Chemistry 2013

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013

  Classical mechanics is considered to be just opposite to quantum physics in terms of theory and practical models. Classical mechanics, especially Newtonian Mechanics, and quantum mechanics are definitely two fundamental but equally different branches…

Papers In Garbage

Some good, OK, and useless revision techniques

Exam have been haunting student since forever, and although you’re willing to do whatever you can to retain essential information, sometimes you end up spending weeks studying with useless revision techniques. We’re accustomed to employ…

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