On World Math Day – Do A Simple Self-Test to Identify a Creative Mathematician in You

Queen Christina of Sweden (left) and René Desc...
Queen Christina of Sweden (left) and René Descartes— Image via Wikipedia
There are many mathematicians, chemists, musicians, painters & biologists among us. But they are unaware of their qualities. Only some small suggestive strokes are needed for them. Unless one tells them, they will not know how great they are.

Here is a small self test. Do you enjoy music, drums and dance? Do you enjoy looking at the flowers, carpets, 3D images & symmetrical sculptures like these ? Do you like puzzles and tease your friends with riddles?

A good mind likes beauty, order, rhythm & searches for perfection. If you have imagination and an ability to extend your imagination — then you are a born mathematician. Mathematics is everywhere. The person who wondered at the symmetry of flowers and art started a fool-proof way of prediction. This is called the theory of groups, and is used extensively in pure and applied maths, crystallography and molecular spectroscopy. If you go to a new city and go for a walk —- if you can come back without asking any body for direction, then you have a tiny Descartes, who will do well in Coordinate Geometry and analytical mathematics. If you are greatly interested in music then note — Interest in music led Helmholtz and C V Raman become pioneers in the physics of music, waves and musical instruments. We don’t know whether Einstein developed his deep understanding because of his interest in music or his search for perfection in Physics led him to have a passion for music look for unity and search for perfection. The next great examples are the diaries of Ramanujan, who puzzled the world by his talent.

Like a true artist never stop till you reach your goal.
You are and you will be what you want you to be. Seek and thou shalt get it.

Happy Math Day.

240px Möbius strip
220px Trefoil knot arb

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