Top 3 Exceptional Nonprofit Executive Search Firms for Nonprofit Businesses

When it comes time to hire your nonprofit’s newest executive officer, your team might seek out the guidance of a nonprofit executive search firm. With so many to choose from, you may feel like it’s not worth the hassle.

Don’t be overwhelmed! Check out our list of the top 3 nonprofit executive search firms to find the right partner during this trying process:

  1. Aly Sterling Philanthropy
  2. Averill Fundraising Solutions
  3. CCS Fundraising

Exceptional nonprofit executive search firms

Ready to find your next executive search partner? Let’s get started!

Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Top Nonprofit Executive Search Firm

Notwithstanding their complete raising support, key arrangements, and board administrations, Aly Sterling Philanthropy offers a cooperative and all-encompassing way to deal with the official quest process for charities.

Aly Sterling Philanthropy works with not-for-profits to adjust desires and structure official places that are convincing to up-and-comers. 

During the inquiry procedure, the firm will advance the official situation on deliberately distinguished channels, oversee candidates, and screen applications.

Executive Search Services

Aly Sterling Philanthropy works with philanthropies to adjust desires and plan official places that are convincing to competitors. 

During the pursuit procedure, the firm will advance the official situation on deliberately distinguished channels, oversee candidates, and screen applications. During the search process, the firm will promote the executive position on strategically identified channels, manage applicants, and screen applications.

Candidates are evaluated in a four-phase process that takes into account an individual’s written, verbal, and interview skills leading to a personal review and reference check.

What makes it stand out?

Working closely with your hiring committee, Aly Sterling Philanthropy offers well-rounded hiring services that account for your nonprofit’s current and future needs as well as your organization’s culture.

Once you’ve made a selection, the firm will also guide you through the onboarding process to integrate the individual into your team.

Get in touch with Aly Sterling Philanthropy by calling them at (419) 794 43604 or sending them an email at

Averill Fundraising Solutions

Top Executive Search Firm For Onboarding

Not only does Averill Fundraising Solutions offer tailored fundraising consultations, but they also apply their flexible, experience-driven model to the executive search process to ensure that your nonprofit finds the right new hire for your team.

Executive Search Services

Averill Fundraising Solutions will select the correct contender for your charity by leading a far-reaching search over the philanthropic market.

After selecting an executive, the firm works with your team to develop a rigorous onboarding strategy on both the departmental and institutional level.

Through their Leadership Learning workshops and retreats, they will continue to help your team counsel executives so that your nonprofit is able to grow in the long term.

What makes it stand out?

Averill Fundraising Solutions has over 75 years of time-tested experience working with nonprofits like yours. In addition to their dynamic hiring services. their emphasis on continued after-the-fact training ensures that your partnership will serve your team well for years to come.

Get in touch with Averill Fundraising Solutions by calling them at (888) 321 1810 or sending them an email at

CCS Fundraising

Top Executive Search Firm For Interim Development

If your nonprofit is up against unique fundraising challenges that require a major change in your organization’s approach, it may be time to bring different perspectives to your organization by hiring new executive officers. Luckily, CCS Fundraising is here to help.

Executive Search Services

As your nonprofit transitions to the next phase of your development, CCS Fundraising will seamlessly recruit new executives as this process continues.

The firm strengthens and sustains your organization’s team by providing ongoing executive and staff training that is tailored to meet the fundraising challenges your nonprofit is facing.

What makes it stand out?

With experience with healthcare, education, faith, environmental advocacy organizations, CCS Fundraising knows what it takes to make the executive search process a success no matter your nonprofit’s mission. Since they know what works for nonprofits in every sector, you can guarantee that their flexible skill set will serve you well as your nonprofit is making its transition.

Get in touch with CCS Fundraising by calling them at (212) 695 1175 or sending them an email at

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