What new things can the iPhone do for you?

You have your hands on the new iPhone 8 from Apple, but what can you do with it? Firstly, looks wise, it isn’t all that different from the iPhone 7, as far as the outer shell is concerned; the home button is still front and center and there is still no phone jack, however, the aesthetics have definitely been upgraded. It is encased in glass and looks beautiful, although having glass on the front and the back may make it more susceptible to damage and scratching, so you should be careful. A case is probably the next best investment you could make at this stage.

And of course, like the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 is still water-resistant, which makes it far more relaxing when you take a phone call in the rain. Just be careful in the bathroom, the majority of insurance claims are for phones that have fallen down the toilet, so although it should be able to cope with this, it won’t be your finest moment.

[wc_fa icon=”apple” margin_left=”” margin_right=”12px” class=””][/wc_fa] What are the other changes that have been made, and what do they mean for you?

, Image, Gaurav Tiwari
Image Credit: Apple India

Charging and Battery Life

The most exciting feature is the new charging method. I know other phones have been using it for a while now, but wireless charging is new to Apple, and it is fabulous. Just lay your phone down on the mat, and it charges while you carry on with other things. It may take a little longer than if it were plugged in, but the ease of use definitely makes up for it. The battery life is more or less the same as an iPhone 7, but with the fact that you can just drop it on the charging mat when you aren’t actively using it should make up for that. Having said that, there is always a case for reducing the amount of battery you are using with any of the iPhones, and the iPhone 8 is no exception. Make sure your screen brightness is not set at maximum, and disable your background app refresh. It may be useful to have your apps working in the background when you are busy doing something else, but if you need to conserve your battery, this is a simple change that can help a lot. Finally, disable WiFi, Bluetooth and AirDrop. They can also be useful, but only when you need them. When you aren’t using them, they are still constantly trying to connect, and this can drain your battery too. All in all, keep an eye on what is happening with your battery and with the charging pad ready at all times, you should get a lot of continual use out of your new iPhone 8. [wc_fa icon=”align-left” margin_left=”” margin_right=”12px” class=””][/wc_fa] Read what we guessed for iPhone 8!

Processor and Apps

, Image, Gaurav Tiwari
Arguably, the biggest change apart from the wireless charging is the inclusion of the A11 Bionic, the integral processor. It makes the iPhone work almost like a laptop. The increased speed when you are playing games is really noticeable, and you’ll have a much better experience with any apps that lagged a bit on the older iPhones. As for new apps to download, you will have hours of fun with any of the new augmented reality ones that are flooding on to the App Store. With the ARKit software, you can create virtual experiences whereby you can blend digital objects and data from apps onto your immediate surroundings. There will be a slew of recreational apps, but also some that hope to transform business processes. This should revolutionize both gaming and have real-life uses to make your life simpler.


, Image, Gaurav Tiwari
On the face of it, the 12 MP camera doesn’t seem all that different to the one installed in the iPhone 7, but with the introduction of the aforementioned A11 Bionic and some nifty editing abilities, the results are far and above what you are used to. The colors are far more bright and vivid, and there is less fuzziness, particularly in low light. The video aspect is great too, with the ability to shoot 4K video and even slow-motion videos in 1080p. So, channel your inner ‘Steven Spielberg’ and get shooting.

But Was It Worth the Wait?

Most definitely, yes. It may not be the iPhone X, but it is a worthy successor to the iPhone 7. It may not look all that different, but the A11 Bionic processor makes everything just that little bit extra special. Enjoy all the new and fun things it can do for you.

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