Presently, the talk of the town Samsung Galaxy S8 is the new age smartphone with top-end specifications. With its amazing visual appeal, superior durability, top quality resolution, enhanced functionality and unique productivity, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has stood up to the expectation of its potential customers. The S series model is one of the most sought after models of the Samsung brand till date. If you are feeling curious to know about the features of this product, you are in the right place. The top 5 features of the S8 worth mentioning are listed down here in detail:


  • The phone will provide two memory options to choose from, one will be of 64GB and the other of 128GB.
  • Expandable memory with dual micro SD cards: The storage lacking problem will be solved by providing users the option to insert two micro SD cards.


The phone will feature a 6GB RAM that will increase the speed of the phone to the highest possible level.

Screen Display

Although there are a number of phones acknowledging the AMOLED display yet this phone will offer a super AMOLED and flaunting 4k, 6-inch display with a screen resolution of 4096 x 2160. The display will be wide enough and ensure clarity for perfect viewing. This phone is a worthy one to buy and in case you are worried about the price, don’t worry as you can get this in discounted price by availing the Snapdeal offers.

Battery Life

The S8 will support a powerful battery capacity of 6200 mAh with a battery life of almost 48 hours of continuous surfing. Other features of the battery will include:

  • Super fast charging: The battery will get fully charged within 20 minutes with 80% of its charge being filled up within the first 10 minutes.
  • Wireless charging: Though the wireless charging technology of this phone will not be new to Samsung it is also a feature to look out for.

Camera Features

overview-step-lensThis new generation smartphone will feature a 30 MP rear camera for a clear photo and video experience. Some of the additional features will include auto laser focus, optical image stabilization, HDR, facial recognition, geo-tagging and much more. For selfie lovers this phone will provide a front camera resolution of 12 MP and that too with flash.

Enhanced Security

Security is one of the most preferred features which smartphone users look out for and this phone will not be taking any risks with security. It will feature eye scanning technology which Samsung will be improving from its earlier versions to make it more efficient. Users can expect to have quicker response and reduced time to register retina information.

Though the price of the phone is a bit on the upper-end, compared to the outstanding features and facilities that it offers it is quite reasonable. These coupon codes are easily available at

All these features indicate why Samsung Galaxy S8 is presumed to be one of the most efficient smartphones of 2017 and why so many people are eagerly waiting to explore its multifaceted features.

Stay tuned to get more updates on this tech pro gadget.

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