New Google Play Store has a better and cleaner look

Recent trends in designs of Google Products shows Google’s approach towards unification. Since the launch of Google+, Google design team has been experimenting a lot with the interface of their major products. All products are now little or more based on Google+’s design, whether it’s GMail or YouTube, Chrome or Hangouts. Google Play Store has also encountered few minor overhauls recently. But today it received a bigger and noticeable update. Single items view is completely overhauled but there are no visible changes on listing pages of New Google Play Store .


Google Play Home
Play Store Home
Twitter Android App
Play Store Single Item View : Twitter

Android applications, games and movies now feature background images and videos just like Google+ profile pages do. Play Store’s top bar remains transparent until you completely scroll down featured image.

Google Play Books New
Play Books : Single Item view

Download counts, average ratings, genre/categories and share counts are displayed as blurb down the item’s name. Below these item description and screenshots are followed with your ratings, recent reviews and related items. Books don’t appear to enjoy the background images.

If you own an android, then you should be seeing these changes instantly. Or, if your Play Store hasn’t got such look, you need to wait more for the best Play Store ever.

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