NEET, which stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, is the dream examination for every medical aspirant throughout the country. For the candidates getting through this examination, it is like a dream come true. May is the most crucial month of the year for the candidates who have spent many sleepless nights just to prepare themselves for this examination. For the aspiring candidates, NEET is the key to their dream college.

NEET 2021 is coming. This will be the most awaited exam of the year for medical stream students. The period of preparation is the toughest time in which a candidate puts in every effort to prepare himself to crack the examination.

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All the candidates who are at their 12th standard might be facing the dilemma of how to prepare for this exam and what are the tips and tricks that can help in smart preparation?

Here is a complete guide for you with all your questions well answered!

Basics of NEET Exam

Let’s begin with the basics that you must know about NEET:

  1. A candidate must pass his or her 12th exam with a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. So, this is the most crucial prerequisite that you must fulfill to be eligible to sit for the exam.
  2. You have to be of a minimum of 17 years and a maximum of 25 years to give this examination. However, there is relaxation for SC, ST, and OBC for up to 5 years.
  3. The exam is of 720 Marks with 180 MCQs in Total

NEET Syllabus And Marks Distribution for NEET 2021 Exam

So coming to the thing that you should know, that you cannot rule out while preparing for this examination. Here are marks wise distribution and number of questions that will be asked from the three subjects that you will be focusing on.

  • Biology (Botany and Zoology) – This subject covers 50% of the weightage which is enough for you to know how important this subject is to cover. You will get a total of 90 MCQs for 360 marks.
  • Chemistry – You will get 45 MCQs from this subject, that will make a total of  180 marks.
  • Physics – Again this will have 45  MCQs making 180 marks in total.

All this will sum up to make a total of 720 marks.

Key Topics To Be Focused

  • For Physics – Optics, Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Thermodynamics
  • For Chemistry – General Organic Chemistry, Mole Concept, Periodic Table, Coordination Chemistry, and Chemical Bonding.
  • For Biology – Genetics, Ecology & Environment, Cell Biology, Morphology, Basics of Biotechnology, Reproduction, Physiology of Animals and Plants.

Best Books for NEET Exams

As an aspirant, it is very important that we choose the best books to prepare as the study material is the foundation for the preparation of any type of exam. A very common and obvious question that would come to mind is What books do I need to refer to, to fully prepare myself? Or will they be enough If I study them?

Well, no need to worry as we are here with a very useful index of the study material that will surely help you out.

Best Physics Books for NEET Exams

  1. Objective Physics – By DC Pandey
  2. Concepts of Physics – By H.C. Verma
  3. Fundamentals of Physics – By Pradeep
  4. Fundamentals of Physics – By Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
  5. Problems in General Physics – By IE Irodov

Best Chemistry Books for NEET Exams

  1.  ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 – By Moden
  2.  Chemistry  Guide – By Dinesh
  3. Concise  Inorganic Chemistry – By JD Lee
  4. Practice books –  By N. Awasthi for Physical Chemistry, MS Chauhan for Organic Chemistry

Best Biology Books for NEET Exams

  1. Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 – By Trueman
  2. Objective Biology – By Dinesh
  3. Biology Guide –  By Pradeep
  4. Books by GRB Bathla publications for Biology

More Book options for NEET→

Some Tips To Help You Kickstart Your Preparation

You are going to have a really tough time preparing your mind for a competition with 13-14 lakhs aspirants like you! In this situation mental pressure is obvious. But always remember that smart work is way better than hard work. It will take a lot of perseverance and effort to prepare yourself for this not so easy competition. And remember the best one will get the best! Now that you know all the basics and you have an amazing list of books in your hand, it’s a time of some top up!

So here are some tips that will surely help you in your strategic preparation. Here we go!

The Syllabus Should Be At Your Fingertips

You should prepare your syllabus thoroughly so that you don’t miss out on anything important. For any sort of preparation, your basics should be strong so that you don’t face any problem while solving the questions.

Design A Suitable Time Table

A time table is something that will add discipline in your life. You would be able to give equal time to every subject if you follow your time table. Believe me, If you have a proper time table and you follow it strictly, no power in this world can stop you from achieving your goal.

If you are still in class 11 or 12 and haven’t passed it yet – you can try my guide on how to prepare for NEET and Class 12 together.

Go Through Study Materials That I have Mentioned

You don’t have to go anywhere seeking the best books for NEET. Just refer to the study material that we have listed for you and that would be more than enough for your preparation.

Practice Again And Again

“Practice Makes A Man Perfect”, very often you might have heard this quotation. The more you will practice the better you will get. So just go through the topics again and again until they get saved in your mind permanently.

Don’t Fear Mocks

Remember the more tests you will give the less NEET exam will scare you. Giving mocks, again and again, will make you so used to, that NEET would be nothing but another mock exam for you. 

Polish Your Basics And Work More On Weak Concepts

Always keep your basics strong. Even the hardest question will become easy if your basics are clear. So work on your basics and refrain from guesswork. Make your weaknesses your strength by practicing over and over again.

Prepare Notes For Quick Revision

Your notes will be your best friend throughout the course of preparation. You can have a quick glance at notes whenever you are free to remind yourself of the important topics.

How to make notes?

Eat Well And Sleep Well

Another very important tip Don’t Panic! Eat proper food and sleep well so that you can start fresh. Always remember “A Healthy Mind Dwells In A Healthy Body”. If you are healthy then you are more efficient, so do take care of your health.

Always Have A Positive Attitude And Go for The Exam with A Calm Mind

The way you think will affect your actions, this is the law of Nature. Always be an Optimist and always say to yourself, “Yes, I can do it”. Cheer yourself up and be confident while you go to take your exam. If you are calm and happy you will do your best! Your confidence will make you 100 times more efficient than other nervous candidates.

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I really hope this guide will help you in your Preparation. Do follow the tips and act smartly and you will have the key to your goal.

If you have any questions, just drop in comments – I respond to every legitimate query.

Looking for something more?

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Happy Preparation!

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