11 Tips on How to Make your Music or Video Website Extremely Attractive

Today, music and video websites have become insanely popular. More and more people will use them day by day for entertainment, using desktops and mobile devices, both at home and outside. And because the competition in this area is very large, in order to create something that will really attract attention, you need not only to comply with all existing trends in web design, but also to bring your own, unique ideas into the design of your own website.

Now we will give 11 proven tips on how to make your music or video website mind-blowing!

Before you proceed: “Popular Types Of Websites

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Put the main things on your home page

Make sure to put all the vital, attention-grabbing information on the main page of your website.

At first, you need to clearly determine what steps you need users to take! Do they have to subscribe to an e-mail list? Or listen to more music on the site? Should they get impressed by the expert posts from your blog, or, maybe, buy albums more often? Or maybe you want all these people to share some links to your website on social networks more often?

Ensure that all the high-priority moments are displayed in a prominent place on the main page, but do not overload it with too much information and options!

The homepage of your website represents your brand, your design, tells the visitors what your music or video website has to offer and encourages users to take certain actions with the help of CTA buttons.

Think of creating the eye-catching headline to immediately let your visitors figure out what music you are offering or what the most part of your video content is about and how these video clips will solve their problems.

And one more important thing – let one of the most important pages on your website guide your visitors, and clearly tell them what to do next!

Make it easier to buy music or videos on your website

Offer your visitor multiple purchase options. Actually, not everyone wishes to use PayPal while buying something. The same thing is with iTunes. Offer your website visitors several common buying options so they will have the possibility to choose one, the most comfortable way to do that!

Make your website easy to read

Make it simple: avoid using some fancy fonts or tiny text content!

Always try to express yourself in an easy and friendly manner, be laconic фив highlight the main thoughts.   

Create a clean website layout

Of course, it's all about your music and videos, but your visitors will firstly get impressed by the design of your website and its content.

Create more clear space for the content, try to focus on a single main point per webpage.

Always remember to keep your content surrounded by plenty of whitespace to make the entire site’s design look crisp, clean and easy to perceive.  

Create an intuitive website navigation

Remember that you own a music or video website, not a department store.

So don’t put dozens of links in your site’s navigation bar. Make your website’s appearance simple and let your visitors focus on the most important things.

Never forget about the updates

Out-of-date website content always confuses visitors. If the last time you updated was 2010, your visitors may think that you have abandoned the website, and if your last blog was created more than a year ago, your visitors may even hesitate to enter their credit card info on your website!

Yet forget about the autoplay feature

Let your visitors decide whether to hit the play button or not. If the music or video will play automatically on your website, people will get annoyed. People are often listening to their favorite music on the computer, so if your website has an auto play feature, there will be two songs (or a song and a video) playing simultaneously. And there’s nothing worse than that!

Avoid flash animation

Flash animation is not supported by all desktop computers and mobile gadgets so your amazing animation may be displayed poorly on slow the user’s internet connection.

You’ve already heard that you have just a couple of seconds to make an offer to your visitor. And if your animation will load for 15-20 seconds, your visitor may leave your website.

Don't lose your sales just because you are dying to make that superb flash logo that spins and catches fire.

Make a video display

If you plan to hook the users with an absolutely free service, use a common chronological video display.

If you have got more complex video content (for example, a set of webinars), you will need to create more complex video displays.

Check out these useful tips to consider when you’re seeking for the best way to display videos:

  • Visitors must have the possibility to quickly find what they are here for;
  • Do your best to present the video thumbnails in a pro way;
  • Tell your visitors what is the next step they can make.

In the beginning, it is enough to show quality stills from videos, add some titles and highlight the value of the video clips.

Make your website mobile friendly

The main thing is that your site design must adapt to different screen sizes. Since more than 72% of traffic happens on mobile devices, you should pay special attention to mobile devices.  

It is crucial to keep your website layout fairly simple, and use an adaptive design.

Avoid huge content that may be loading slowly over a cable internet connection, so if you have such pages, try to move the part of this content to a different webpage or just split it into two or even more pages.

Consider creating a blog

Starting an interesting blog is one of the most effective ways to get new visitors without going broke.

Attracting people with the help of the blog may seem complicated and can be really difficult. But there’s one secret: you need to write as an expert about the things your readers care about!

Of course, great results will cost you much time and efforts. If you want to get the results tomorrow, you should better pay for ads or promote your website on SM. But if you will manage to regularly create really astounding blog content, then you will get the best and long-term, sustainable results!

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