How to Motivate Yourself to Study Well?

Staring blankly at the pages of a textbook when you're supposed to be studying, looking dismally at the huge piles of incomplete assignments as the deadline edges nearer – as students, we can all correlate with these experiences at some point or the other. However, have you been finding yourself in these situations a bit too often? Are you finding your persistent lack of motivation to study quite alarming? If yes, then relax; this article is meant to help you with just that.

Although finding your studies boring is an understandable and common thing, too much of it can be undoubtedly harmful. After all, doing well in your academics is necessary to build a good career and start earning your living. In this article, I will help you identify the core reasons for this problem and give you tips for motivating yourself to study better than ever.

Why do students feel demotivated while studying?

student feeling demotivated while studying

The first step towards solving a problem is to identify the root causes that it arises from. Thus, before learning how to motivate yourself to study, you must first get acquainted with some important issues that commonly distract students from their studies.

Why do students feel demotivated while studying

1. Having an inappropriate studying style

One of the biggest mistakes that students tend to make is being inattentive during class and irregular in their studies. Many of them only start studying when exams are right around the corner. Not only does this studying style yield poor results, but it also demotivates and frustrates you instead of making your interest grow. As a result, you may even find yourself facing health issues eventually.

2. Not having a clear goal for the future

We all know that YOLO is the dominant philosophy when it comes to student life. I agree that living your life to the fullest in the present moment is important. However, there's a difference between enjoying your present and neglecting your future. It is very much possible to enjoy the present with your friends or family and have serious goals for the future at the same time. If you don't know where you're heading, then you will find it very difficult to take interest in your studies.

3. Having no life outside of studies

Yes, this is the other extreme. As the old adage goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. If you keep studying all the time without getting involved in any extracurricular activities, then you're bound to get stressed out and lose interest in your studies at some point. However, if you maintain a good balance between studies and recreation, then you will find your life becoming all the more interesting.

4. Being unable to see any visible progress

If you are not able to achieve the desired results even after studying hard, then you will obviously feel demotivated. In this case, you must find out what exactly is going wrong and where you need to improve. In the modern age, smart work is just as important as hard work.

Tips to motivate yourself to study

girl with books - motivate yourself to study

We've understood why students are most likely to find themselves losing interest in studies. In this section, I've provided some smart tips to help you motivate yourself to study consistently well for long hours or when you start finding studies monotonous. These tips will also help you maintain a healthy balance between your academic and personal lives.

Tips to motivate yourself to study

1. Analyze the way you study

First of all, you should try to take a close look at the way you study. For example, do you memorize notes by continuously reading pages after pages? Or do you prefer to write down whatever you learned after finishing a particular portion? It has been observed that the second method is a relatively more engaging way of keeping up your interest in the subject. By doing so, you won't feel as demotivated while studying.

2. Don't compare yourself to others

Let's say you have a friend who completes all his assignments on time and finishes chapters even before they are taught in class. On the other hand, you may prefer learning in a slow but steady manner.

In such a case, never compare yourself to your friend in terms of ability. It is the quality of your work that matters; as long as you are regularly attending class, studying, and turning in assignments, you are doing well. Learn to be happy with who you are.

3. Prepare and follow a study timetable

Following a proper schedule is arguably the best way to be motivated for studies. It will help you manage your studies and personal life smoothly and gradually decreases the chances of you getting bored during long study sessions. A study routine helps your brain perform in a definite structure and helps you stay motivated.

4. Learn to communicate with your loved ones

Healthy communication with your loved ones is the key to solving a seemingly continuous problem. When you share your feelings regarding your studies with your family or friends, you will feel a huge burden lifting off your shoulders. You can then plan how to rectify the same in a much more effective manner.

5. Don't keep running from your problems

If you want to overcome your problems, then you must not avoid facing them no matter how tough the situation gets. If you keep running away from them, then you will only make things worse for yourself. Don't let the assignments keep piling up relentlessly; gently but steadily push yourself to get them done.

6. Set small goals for yourself

Remember that you yourself are your biggest competitor. Thus, you should try setting a healthy competition with yourself to stay energized while studying. Strive to push yourself beyond your boundaries and comfort zone.

For example, if you scored ten marks out of twenty in your previous test, work hard to score fifteen the next time. Similarly, you can try to finish your assignments before the deadline. In this manner, you can keep yourself focused on your studies without getting demotivated.

7. Practice regular exercise and yoga

Yoga and exercise have been proven to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. They also help you improve concentration and focus better on whatever you are working on. Even if you don't have enough free time for yoga or physical exercise, try practicing them during the breaks in your study schedule. It is an excellent way of keeping yourself motivated during long and stressful study hours.

8. Take gaps in between study sessions

An energetic and effective study routine requires gaps in between long sessions. Use this time to do something that makes you happy, such as listening to relaxing music or spending time with your friends. Ensure that you come back from the break with a smile on your face and a calm mind. You will certainly be able to focus better on your studies.

9. Avoid multitasking

You should solely focus on your books or notes when you are studying. If you get distracted by anything else, then you will soon find your concentration slipping and your entire study session will end up being futile. As you may have guessed, demotivation will inevitably follow next. Thus, I recommend that you keep all other activities for later while studying.

10. Control your social media addiction

This is closely related to the previous point. Social media has emerged to become a leading source of recreation in our busy lives. However, it is also responsible for creating immense mental pressure. Thus, I recommend restricting the use of social media and keeping away your phone completely while studying. It is all the more important to do so before your exams.


In this article, I've introduced you to the major factors that cause students to become demotivated while studying. I've also provided tips to help you focus better on your studies and improve your academic performance. Combined with self-discipline and healthy habits, they will surely lead you to the path of success eventually.