The importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has increased greatly during the last few years as many online businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs are now using it to reach their target audience and boost their online presence.

One big advantage of SEO is that it generates ‘organic’ traffic for your website (meaning that it’s not paid and is a result of using search engines). The main aim of SEO is to improve search rankings in order to drive relevant traffic to your website. Simply speaking, SEO makes it easier for people to reach you using search engines.

Many businesses today have an SEO strategy and invest their resources in SEO, along with other more traditional marketing methods.

There are many reasons why your business needs SEO (if you’re still unsure about it and want to know more about how it works, see this Simple SEO Explanation. In this article, we will highlight five SEO tips for beginners.

Optimize Titles

Page titles are one of the first things you will see when using search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. This is why page titles, as well as descriptions, play an important role in SEO.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when optimizing titles on your website or blog:

  • The titles should include your website’s name, usually in the end.
  • A title should not be too long. Keep it short and impactful.
  • All the pages on your website/blog should have a title.

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Use Meta Descriptions

A meta description is basically a short summary of your page’s content that will be displayed on search engines, usually below the page title. It’s recommended you use meta descriptions for all the pages on your website or blog. A meta description should be short, easy to read and include a few keywords (but be careful with keyword stuffing).

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing has been used by many in the past, especially the time when SEO was still a relatively new phenomenon. However, there’s every reason to consider it counterproductive today and search engines such as Google don’t look kindly on it. That being said, you should be careful with keywords and use them smartly to achieve the best effect.

Keep Your Content Updated

It’s very important to keep the content on your website or blog regularly updated. You should always make sure that your content stays relevant and remove outdated information. Moreover, your site should be easy to navigate through and be optimized for mobile devices. As a rule, you should always give priority to the main content so make sure it’s not buried with ads or pop-ups.

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Unlike external, internal links are used to point out to other content on your website or blog. Internal links are very important but you should know how to use them properly and avoid some common mistakes.

When using internal links keep in mind the following:

  • Include anchor text keyword.
  • Don’t use too many internal links on one page.
  • Make sure they are relevant and provide help for users.

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