The first product I ever sold!

Do you remember which was the first product you sold?

No, I am not saying that you are a salesman or what.

Try to remember.

If you can’t remember – that means either you have sold millions of products till date or none. I remember mine.

2008 was a year when my studies were out-railed due to family circumstances and at the age of 15 I was trying to make a meaning of my life. My family was short on money and full of unnecessary loans. 2008 was the year that changed how I used to think about my career plans. Being a blogger or designer was never intentional. In fact, at that time I had no idea what a computer browser looked like. I used to think as if software like Word 2003, Excel 2003 were the browsers used to browse the internet. I was all from the books.

Around February 2008 I tried to sell my high school books but that didn’t happen due to so called mythological reasons. By selling books, I was in fact selling Goddess of Knowledge – Saraswati which ultimately was a sin.

I couldn’t sell the books so I planned to sell my knowledge.

I made a knowledge spinner in which the answer corresponding to a question to which you set the arrow, was shown in a box. It was in fact a paper made utility which had two circular concentric layers – one with questions on top layer and the other with answers on bottom layer. Only a part of top layers was cut so that the answer on the bottom layer could show up.

It was a really simple, yet highly effective tool. I made 5 or 6 such spinners about some important scientific discoveries. Each of these 5 were unique and handwritten in Hindi.

The sale was tough and took a lot of explanation to convince my classmates. But once one person bought a piece – everyone jumped it. I made around 45 rupees and it was my first sale of such kind.

This may not sound much but only I know how important it was to successfully sell my first products.

Since 2013 – year when I made my first online sale (thank you, Vineet Maheshwari), I have made more than 1100 sales all along ranging from content to affiliate marketing, design & even downloadable products – but I still remember my first sale.

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