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Taking to a new level

It’s been really a long time since I made any significant changes to this blog. Last time, when I moved aside the mathematics & physics content – the blog received an epic boost. In this amazing journey of 8 years I have tried and tested every content strategy I could and have always upheld the reputation of the blog. Today it is one of the top rated blogs in the country and hopefully, after these changes are introduced it will continue be perform better.

It’s my privilege serving the people with ideas, conceptions (& misconceptions) and opinions. In these 8 years, readers have given me everything I ever planned for. As the time is escalating quickly, it is my turn to give this blog & its readers something big. Something incredible.


Why the change?

The world is changing and so is the content and the mood of the audience. I have always been alertive to the changes happening over internet. I always used latest tools, markups and features the internet asked. That’s why this blog has proven to be an amazing asset in term of worth and clientele attraction. Credit to my futuristic approach and impeccable SEO done in the past, it has become a permanent source of income. I am paid heavily by freelancers and companies for the sponsored content that are published on the site.

I am leading towards the completion of a decade in content writing and blogging business and I don’t won’t to parry off anything. I want to do better at what I am supposed to be good. Also, I want all the inadequacies to be complete rectified. To do so there is a need to make a lot of adjustments to the core ideology of the blog.

Major Changes

New Design

New design contains major cosmetic changes and these changes are intended to make the site look better on first impression. I have also customized the content styling for you to feel more comfortable while reading the blog. There will be least distraction possible and easier sharing, printing and saving options. For those, who don’t like reading longer articles, I shall be adding a brief summary of the post at top following detailed index. This will help you go through the topics more easily and understand the précis of an article. Few other design improvements are planned which includes new headings’ design, larger images, better content formatting, darker & sharper fonts etc.

New Sections

Various new sub-categories are being added to the blog under Education, Blogging and Technology categories. Education portal will see blog posts about new and even more important topics like Current Affairs, Editorials, Job Advice, Personality Improvements, Growth Hacks etc. Minor subsections will be added to Technology category to expand its dimension. I shall be adding new major categories, like Gaming, Entertainment, Book & Software Reviews, Product Downloads, Design Tools, Freebies etc, to the root. These transitions will take time and are expected to be complete in next couple of months.


I have added a new shop to the website which currently contains some free WordPress Themes and Plugins. It will be quickly filled with more assets like Books, Plugins, Themes, Graphics and other partner downloads. Shop will work on Pay what you like model and most of the assets will be available as free downloads. New Services page gives an overview of the products and services my team offers.







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Hemingway 3.0 Supports Publishing Directly to WordPress & Medium

Critically acclaimed proofreading & writing tool, Hemingway has been rewritten and updated to version 3.0 with added new features like publishing directly to WordPress & Medium, Full Screen Editing, PDF export and handling of multiple documents.


Hemingway is an amazing content writing, editing & proofreading solution for day-to-day needs for bloggers, writers and editors alike. It features various content editing capabilities and proofreading features – like spellchecking, readability index and grammatical suggestions. The editor is available as an online app which is completely free to use but desktop apps cost $19.99 and are available for Windows & Mac OS X+.


The first product I ever sold!

Do you remember which was the first product you sold?

No, I am not saying that you are a salesman or what.

Try to remember.

If you can’t remember – that means either you have sold millions of products till date or none. I remember mine.

2008 was a year when my studies were out-railed due to family circumstances and at the age of 15 I was trying to make a meaning of my life. My family was short on money and full of unnecessary loans. 2008 was the year that changed how I used to think about my career plans. Being a blogger or designer was never intentional. In fact, at that time I had no idea what a computer browser looked like. I used to think as if software like Word 2003, Excel 2003 were the browsers used to browse the internet. I was all from the books.

Around February 2008 I tried to sell my high school books but that didn’t happen due to so called mythological reasons. By selling books, I was in fact selling Goddess of Knowledge – Saraswati which ultimately was a sin.

I couldn’t sell the books so I planned to sell my knowledge.

I made a knowledge spinner in which the answer corresponding to a question to which you set the arrow, was shown in a box. It was in fact a paper made utility which had two circular concentric layers – one with questions on top layer and the other with answers on bottom layer. Only a part of top layers was cut so that the answer on the bottom layer could show up.

It was a really simple, yet highly effective tool. I made 5 or 6 such spinners about some important scientific discoveries. Each of these 5 were unique and handwritten in Hindi.

The sale was tough and took a lot of explanation to convince my classmates. But once one person bought a piece – everyone jumped it. I made around 45 rupees and it was my first sale of such kind.

This may not sound much but only I know how important it was to successfully sell my first products.

Since 2013 – year when I made my first online sale (thank you, Vineet Maheshwari), I have made more than 1100 sales all along ranging from content to affiliate marketing, design & even downloadable products – but I still remember my first sale.

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