Introducing Lists, Product Reviews… (Plus we got new funds)

It’s July already and I am up with another grandeur. It’s a big update to the blog — possibly the biggest yet. I have been working on design changes and UX improvements for last six months, looking for investments, diving into more code — all leading to this exact moment.

As of now you will be experiencing performance improvements, better device compatibility, greater reading experience & better offline support.

But that’s not all. More changes are planned and are expected to come into action this 15th of July.



I have been more focused on how to guides for last couple of years, as planned. It’s the time to take it further to some more types of lists, including but not limited to:

The best…

Such articles will list of the best things around a specific topic, for example of The best books of Stephen King, The best blogs on Education & Training etc. This niche holds the biggest possibilities and will hopefully be worth a fortune for my readers.

Did you know…

Did you know will answer questions related to tech, education, blogging & marketing. Such mostly be dependent upon the questions asked by readers. Further announcement about the same will be made soon.

Best free…

Many blogs do such kind of articles and I have done some pieces on ‘best free… this & that’ too. But starting this update I will work with my team to do such posts more than ever.

Top 20/Top 30/Top 40 etc.

Long gone are the day for top five & top tens in a list. Following the pattern of list25, we’ll be compiling more than just 5 or 10 items. You’ll be more often seeing longer articles.

Product Reviews

I announced my plans to increase the number of product reviews but that didn’t find any progress in last year. It’s time to set things well and get going with reviews. Product reviews will be categorized into following categories:

  • Theme Reviews
  • Plugin Reviews
  • App/Software Reviews
  • Book Reviews


  • Life hacks
  • Business Ideas that you can implement
  • Blogging Experiences — a new post series

Design & UX

I switched to Total WordPress theme around a year ago and things have been great since then. I have tweaked the theme to be faster, capable to offline and easy to use on all kind of devices. If you have something for me to add, please feel free to share that with the floating contact form accessible from bottom right.

We got funded!

I’ve been reaching out to some companies & people with my ideas — and I am so glad that I found some similar minded investors. The amount is not much but is gold enough to help me run things better. I’ll be investing the money to better SEO, advertising & on hiring the best of writers in business.