3 Ways to do Criminal Background Checks While Hiring

Criminals come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, you will not be able to tell if a person is a criminal simply by looking at him or her. If you want to hire a new employee, it would be dangerous and irresponsible for you to do this blindly. You need to know what this person has been up to in their past. If the positions you need to fill require this person to have access to money on a daily basis, criminal background checks are essential for safeguarding your business.

Avoid hiring thieves

Convicted thieves and burglars would like nothing more than to get access to your cash registers and the safe where you keep your money. They would also love to know the code for your security system. If you do not run a criminal background check on every employee you hire, you may have some serious problems down the road. You can have a criminal background check performed at your convenience. Use federal police or HR agencies to keep criminals out of your workplace. Do not allow them to steal the money and business you have worked so hard for.

Avoid hiring violent felons

While hiring a thief would not be a good thing, hiring a violent felon would be an absolute disaster. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide a safe workplace for your employees. Obviously, having a felon convicted of a violent crime would be putting the lives of all your employees at risk. Not only would this create a dangerous situation for every person at your business, it could also open you up to having a lawsuit filed against you. If your employees discover that you allowed a violent felon to work alongside them without notifying them first, they could successfully sue you. A lawsuit of this nature could bankrupt your business.

Avoid hiring computer criminals

White collar crime is also a major concern these days. If your business involves having access to sensitive client information, you do not want this information falling into the hands of an identity thief. You need to protect not only the information of your clients, but your employees as well. Therefore, any person who will have a job with access to this sort of information must be scrutinized very closely. A criminal background check will let you know if a person applying for a job at your business has any computer crimes in his or her past.

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