Best Websites For Programmers and Tech Geeks That They Should Visit

There are some websites that are really helpful for programmers. I have listed those and why they should be visited!

If you are having problems with coding

  1. StackOverflow (Subscribe to their weekly newsletters and find interesting topics)
  2. CodeProject

Technology News

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  1. Hacker News
  2. Ars Technica (Unique Quality Articles)
  3. ACM Technology News
  4. Lobsters
  5. TechCrunch
  6. The Verge
  7. GSMArena (Latest Mobile Phones)

Coding Practices for Beginners

  1. Reddit
  2. ProgrammingByDoing
  3. CodeAbbey
  4. Small Programming Tasks
  5. Programming Challenges

Small Project Ideas

General Coding Advice

Coding Styles

Interview Preparation

Blog of Developers

Competitive Programming

YouTube Channels

Tutorials Websites

1) TutorialsPoint


3) Open Data Structures

4) Data Structures and Algorithms

5) Programming in C++

6) TopCoder Tutorials

7) LINUX Tutorial

8) Collecting All Cheat Sheets

Computer Books

1) IT eBooks