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Best Websites For Programmers and Tech Geeks That They Should Visit

There are some websites that are really helpful for programmers. I have listed those and why they should be visited!

If you are having problems with coding

  1. StackOverflow (Subscribe to their weekly newsletters and find interesting topics)
  2. CodeProject

Technology News

Get the latest news directly to your inbox.

  1. Hacker News
  2. Ars Technica (Unique Quality Articles)
  3. ACM Technology News
  4. Lobsters
  5. TechCrunch
  6. The Verge
  7. GSMArena (Latest Mobile Phones)

Coding Practices for Beginners

  1. Reddit
  2. ProgrammingByDoing
  3. CodeAbbey
  4. Small Programming Tasks
  5. Programming Challenges

Small Project Ideas

General Coding Advice

Coding Styles

Interview Preparation

Blog of Developers

Competitive Programming

YouTube Channels

Tutorials Websites

1) TutorialsPoint


3) Open Data Structures

4) Data Structures and Algorithms

5) Programming in C++

6) TopCoder Tutorials

7) LINUX Tutorial

8) Collecting All Cheat Sheets

Computer Books

1) IT eBooks

How to register to vote in India online?

India being a democratic country; voting is the constitutional right of every citizen. Indian Citizens are blessed with the power of voting so that they can elect a government which can take beneficiary decisions and can successfully run the country.

As we know, with the Internet each work has turned out to be quite effective. Today Election Commission of India has not only provided its citizens who have reached the age of 18 to register for offline voting but has also given them the right to register to vote online. Where citizens are only required to fill form 6 and get themselves registered as general voters at the service portal of ‘National Voters’.

How to register to vote online

Citizens can easily register to vote online in a fast, free ,easy and secure way without any trouble. These ways are as follows:-

  • First you have to make sure if you are eligible to vote or not. For this you have to visit in order to check if your name is registered on the voters list. In case your name is not registered for voting, you can get yourself registered online by the voter Helpline App or by visiting
  • After you have completed verifying your name in the list. You are required to fill Up form 6. Voters are needed to fill up this form if they are moving from one constituency to another. Also the voters who will be going to cast their vote for the first time ,they can too fill up this form.
  • Form 6 includes fields such as voter’s ‘Prefered language’, ‘selection of their State and parliamentary / Assembly constituency’, personal details of the voter , place and date of filling the form which needs to be filled if you want to register to vote.
  • If a voter is a NRI or overseas elector then they are needed to fill up form 6A for including their names.
  • If an elector has any objection regarding inclusion or deletion of names in electoral list then they must fill up form 7
  • In case there is a need for correction or changes in entries such as Name, Age, date of birth, place of birth, gender, address, photo, EPIC number, contact details, father’s/ mother’s/ husband’s name etc, Voters are required to fill up form 8.
  • If an elector is moving from one location of residence to some other location of residence under the same constituency then they must fill Up form 8A.
  • After you have completed filling of your form you can click on the submit button.

Documents required for online registration

For registering to vote online, Voters need to upload some of their documents. These are:-

  • Scanned copy of age/Identity Proof
  • Scanned copy of address proof
  • Recent passport size coloured photo of the elector

How to register to Vote Offline

Despite having the option of registering to vote online some of the voters find offline way more consistent for enrolling their names for voting. Offline registering is also quite efficient and requires a series of process as follows:-

  • Firstly the elector should have two proper copies of form 6 for filling. You can easily get this form from the Assistant Electoral Registration Officer or the Electoral Registration Officer of your respective constituency as well as you can collect this form from the Booth Level Officers of your polling station without any kind of charges. Moreover voters can even download this form from the portal of the Election Commission.
  • After you have completed filling up the form you need to attach relevant documents along with the application form and submit it to the Electoral Registration Officer/ Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of your respective constituency ****or the Booth Level Officers of your polling station.
  • Voters can even send their application form via post to the Electoral Registration Officer/ Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of their constituency on the postal address of their corresponding State and Union Territory which is given on the portal of Election Commission.

Documents required for offline registration

Offline registration too supports relevant documents of the electors at the time of registering .These documents include:-

  • Photocopy of age/identity proof
  • Photocopy of address proof
  • Recent passport size coloured photo of the elector should be pasted in the box provided in the form.

Eligibility criteria to register for vote

As we know each citizen of India is privileged with the right to cast a vote but this certainly has some criteria which needs to be followed before you register to vote. These criteria are as follows:-

  • It’s mandatory for the voter to be an Indian citizen.
  • He/she as a voter should be at least 18 years of age as of 1st January of the year in which the electoral list is revised.
  • The elector should be a residence of the polling area of the constituency where he/she wishes to get themselves enrolled.

If the above given conditions are fulfilled then you can register your names online for voting.


Undoubtedly, voting is the fundamental right of each and every citizen through which a government is elected ,’of the people’, ‘by the people’ and ‘ for the people’. Voting is the compulsive duty of each citizen as many generations of our forefathers have fought to lay down the foundations of democracy. So every individual of India should be completely aware about this, and should register themselves to vote , if they have not done it till yet!

Exploring MEE6 on my Discord Server

I recently discovered MEE6, a Discord bot.

MEE6 is a fully featured tool for creators and it helps at different levels including moderation, leveling, Twitch alerts with the most easy-to-use dashboard!

Creating a custom command with MEE6

I am still going through the features and will update this post once I’m totally done with it.

kalpa hinduism

Kalpa in Hinduism

Kalpa (कल्प) is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘aeon’ or ‘age’. It’s the Hindu unit of time to measure very long time periods, especially the ages of the gods and goddesses. One Kalpa is the one day (12 hours, as we say) of Lord Brahma and it equals to 1008 maha-yugas. In Hinduism measures, one Kalpa equals 4.32 billion years. It’s said that it is the 51st year of Lord Brahma and more than 36500 Kalpas were spent before Brahma created the current universe. It’s been not more than two Kalpas since the current universe had its genesis.

programming 1873854
kalpa hinduism